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    Tell me what you think about this thing flying high in the sky? I sat on the stand last night, AUGUST 14th and didn't see a deer. Does the FULL MOON mean NO DEER MOVEMENT? What do you think?

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
    Full Moon Blues
    In my experience, I have found that the deer tend to wait until dark to move during a full moon. If they move during the day, its usually mid day. But when the RUT hits, I think that the big bucks let there 'drive' to find that doe overtake this philosophy! Hunt all day no matter the moon during the rut!
    Night moves
    I think it means they move all night, sleep late, then move a little around lunch time or so. The full moon definitely doesn't stop me from partaking in my outdoor pursuits, but it does have an effect on the outcome of those pursuits!
    full moon
    like the other guys said, deer will move at night even more on a full moon. I have had some luck mid morning between 9-11am on full moon nights.
    Been my experience deer will feed longer/more at night during full/mostly full moon periods unless there is heavy cloud cover. Usually means seeing few deer moving in the AM except right at first light but movement usually picks up during late AM through mid-day. PM sightings are usually just before dark. My reasoning is the brighter nighttime and longer feeding tends to generally shift movement periods foward 2-3 hours. May be a great time to try out a mid-day hunt. Still able to catch a buck every now and then running late sneaking back toward a bedding area at first light after full moon periods.
    best phase durring rut
    my experiece durring the first of october to the middle of november have been the best durring the full moon period hunting from 9 in the morning until around 2. especially on an overcast day with some drizzle.