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  • Squirrel Season

    Hey Ya'll, Man, I Had The Best Squirrel Season Ever This Past Season!! The Extened Season Made all the Difference in the world. Was Able To Bag 83, My Best Ever. Hunting Butner-Falls and Jordan Gameland. Just wondering How The Rest Of Ya'll Did on Publicland. Would Like To Here From Ya'll Thanks!
    Hey, what are you shooting those squirrels with? Just curious.

    12-gauge shotgun?
    Hey Dennis, sorry it took me so long to respond! I Use A Wichester Ranger model 140 20ga with a full choked 28in Barrel And #6Shot Long Range express Shot Shells,(Lead), and Im choke with steel load #6shot shells when i hunt on posted Waterfowl impoundments. I Like spot and stalk all Day hunts, but i also enjoy sometimes Just finding nawed acorns and just sitting under a nice tree and enjoy relaxing and watching deer go by, that i didnt see durning deer season. i do full scent control anytime im in the woods. How Did You do durnng Squirrel Season?
    I just use a plain ole 12-gauge with a modified choke.

    Guess I took out about 10 bushytails.

    I used to hunt 'em with a .22 when I was being more of a sportsman, but I like to have a chance to hit 'em even if they make a break for it.
    Squirrel Hunting Made me a Deer Hunter
    Hey guys,

    I just thought I'd share an interesting story that drove me to take up deer hunting. Like you Chad B, I hunt on game lands and ALWAYS use scent control. I was sitting in one of my favorite squirrel areas on a log about 3/4 way up a ridge that had a branch covering me from the ridge across the way. Well, after 30 minutes of sitting and hearing squirrels, and couple of large dark shadows were moving across the ridge in front of me, probably about 80 yards away. Next thing I know, right down the ridge in front of me comes this doe. She crosses the creek and heads to my right. By the time she is directly to my right and only 15 feet away. She stops. Something's wrong. Never once did she look my way but I'm sure she knew I was there. However, she was more worried about the other dark shadow. I slowly shift my focus to ahead of me and there's a BUCK! He's putting his scent on the tree she rubbed against on her way down hill. However, he makes a b-line for me. It's not gun season yet and I'm holding a 20 gauge so I know I can't shoot. He's oblivious and literally walked straight up the hill to me. It wasn't until he was less than 6 feet away as I pulled up the shotgun to protect myself did he realize me. A perfect, gorgeous eight pointer. We exchanged stares and looks for about a minute, trying to figure out why we were both there. He looks at the doe. Stomps his foot. Snorts, and hops over a log to my left. Stands and just looks at me, then walks past me less than 15 feet to my left. It's a memory that I will cherish forever and is the reason I am a deer hunter. More so, it's the reason I'm PROUD to be a hunter.

    And don't worry. God gave me that one back as my first rifle kill was a perfect 2.5 year old 8 pointer with a 14.5 inch inside spread on game lands.

    Thanks for the story Chad B - brought back good memories on a bad day at work :) Can't wait to get after those squirrels and deer this season!
    Chad B/NC Bowhunter ....83....Wow Thats a Great season and some Great eating as well. My best day was when i was 14 and i killed 4 Big Fox squirrels in a cow pasture 1 evening after school, It was awesome...They just kept coming. I remember when i was a kid in West Virginia people would show thier success by hanging the tails on the antenna of the vehicle they had LOL and they still do this back home...You could go all the way around a truck with your season...Congrats and keep us posted, I'll be looking for you to post your record breaking season this year and NCBowhunter, I really enjoyed your little story there and Glad you got that Buck....Thats Awesome
    @nc Bow hunter. Great Story! I Started squirrl Hunting Because they would give me False hope That A Deer was coming, And Everytime it Would be A Squirrel or six lol. So I Go Out and Take a Few here and There. But i really Started enjoy it alot, so i learned from Avid Squirrl Hunters so tricks. And Now im really into it. I Hunt Squirrel jan2 everyday til feb28th Now that They Extened the season and removed the bag limit.
    Fox Squirrel
    Thanks Gobblintom!! Thx For Sharing. Great Job On The Fox Squirrels!! Ive Only seen One Fox Squirrel Before, it was Black. Ive Noticed The Last 4 Years That Deer Hunting on Publicland Is Real Tough, but also real good, if you do your scouting right. But Squirrel Hunting on Publicland Is Supreme!! There are an abundance Of Squirrels on Publicland. I Pick Big game (Deer and bear) over small Game, but when Deer season is over ive got bushytail Fever. Thanks Again for responing to My Post. Side Note Holly Shelter Gameland (Pender County) Is Almost 50% Burned. I Really Hate That!! Thats A Great spot to Bear Hunt! Hopfully They'll get it put out soon!!
    Give them a sporting chance
    Glad to see your enjoying the gamelands the State has provided. But give the furry tree rats a sporting chance and use a .22 Like we said when I was in the Corps, 'One shot, One Kill' and 'Aim small, Miss small'. I haven't used a shotgun for squirrels since I was 13. Happy Hunting
    @ TAXIDERMY Your Right!! I Do Use A .22 Cal But also a 20ga. I Miss more squirrels with a shotgun then i do my .22 LR. i Can drop Squirrels At 60 Yards All Day With the .22 but i have to get them close with the shotgun. They do Give me a run for my $$ Though. There tons of squirrels on Gameland, But very few squirrel Hunters. There 200 squirrels per every one deer on gameland. 15 deer per square mile (650 acres) and theres 400 to 500 squirrels per square mile on some gamelands not all. I Hunt 6 days aweek is why im able to get so many. I ENDED UP This Past season with 187 squirrels on 3 different Gamelands, and theres still alot more squirrel that i was able able to Harvest!! So Missed squirrels means pinkies are going to be born so more pinkies more squirrels lol!!