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  • Smallmouth & Schooling Bass on Lake Keowee

    Georgia anglers from the Booger Hill Bass Club were on Lake Keowee over the weekend fishing a club tournament. Even though they did not catch any large sacks of fish, they did catch a lot of schooling fish and smallmouth bass.

    The top winning anglers talked about schooling fish that were “busting on top.” These fish came up early around day light and stayed up till about ten o'clock. These anglers reported the schools coming up around the rip rap near the bridges and off the main rivers.

    These fish were not staying up long, and the anglers had to be right on top of these fish to catch them. They reported several small schools with fish weighing between two and three pounds. The main lures that they were throwing were medium size Sammys in a shad color or flukes.

    After the bass went back down, one team stayed on top of the fish and caught several “good uns” on a 1/4 ounce spot remover with a a green pumpkin trick worm. They were catching these fish in approximate 15 feet of water.

    Some of the other winners talked about catching fish all day long by fishing a drop shot rig around docks in 10-15 feet of water. These fish were caught on the main body of the lake on 4 or 4 ˝-inch finesse worms in morning dawn and green pumpkin.

    The most interesting sack of fish consisted of two smallmouth, one largemouth, and two large spots. When quizzed about the smallmouth, the anglers said they caught them behind the dam throwing chartreuse spinnerbaits.

    The Georgia anglers concluded there tournament by saying, “We love South Carolina lakes!”

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley
    Georgia Boys
    'Dem Georgia boys sure can hunt and fish !!

    Chartreuse spinners behind the dam eh? That's good intel.