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  • needed inform

    i wanted to know if anybody has bought the new crossbow, Bowtech StrykeZone 380. if you did, could you let me know the pros and cons of it. thanks.
    no idea
    I haven't heard of that one - but it has a cool name.

    Maybe someone can get a good alias going off of that.
    You know, like Viper X did.
    twowrong I'm not sure but I think I seen a few Videos on youtube with this Crossbow? I also believe it was about $1500.00....Not sure but you can check it out.
    You need to go shoot them before you make your mind up. I did alot of research before I bought mine, but I bought mine so my 6 year old could use it during bow season also. They all shoot different just like compound bows some noisy, some heavy and some bulky.

    I have a Horton Team Realtree crossbow with 175lb draw and it is fast, lightweight and easy to handle. Cost $585 at dicks for the package.