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    Good Afternoon-
    I have recently become very active in placing shelter dogs with rescue groups, foster programs or adoptions. I recently placed 4 pure bred black labs which would otherwise have been euthanized. When I have gone to the local shelter, I find there are many types of dogs that are hunting dog breeds and need permament homes desparately.

    I would like to ask what can be done so that these dogs are more adoptable to the local sportsman throughout North Carolina? My uncles in particular would squirrel and rabbit hunt often. They would have as many as 20+ beagles and beagle mixes.

    If local hunters would consult their local animal shelters, this would help with the total number of abandoned dogs. Of course, spaying and neutering is also very important. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts or feedback. Thank you.
    My first thought would be that placing a dog with a sportsman is a matter of timing. A good way to get a look at which hunters are looking for which kind of dog at a certain time, or even over a period of time, would be to monitor our FREE classified ads page. Perhaps you will even contact some sportsman who sell a specific type of hunting dog, so that when you have a batch of them turn up, like your four black labs that can certainly be utilized in the field, then you will have an idea about whom to contact with the details. Thanks for raising awareness about your issue on the forum.
    Thank you
    Thank you Jeff. I may check into posting an ad just reminding people about Shelter Dogs. I've just checked with the local animal shelter this morning and they have two more black labs that need homes. I played with one of them on Saturday while there picking up other dogs to transport. Anything we can do to help these guys would be really good. Thanks again.