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  • Finally had a few days to hunt

    Well guys, I haven't had much time to hunt this season since I've been preoccupied with finishing up my Construction Management degree here at Appalachian. But, today at home in Burke county I finally got to take a shot on a Tom out of a group of birds I've been on since Tuesday. After passing long shots on Tuesday, and brushy shots on Wed., I finally got the shot today. Put down a nice Tom stalking a big strutter.
    I got a call-shy bird to respond, but he hung up. As I crawled to close the distance, I saw two other birds that were part of the group. I figured a bird-in-hand was the best option. One shot later I had a nice bird down with an 11 1/8' beard and decent 1' spurs.
    Glad I could finally get it done with a few days left.
    take him
    You got that right - take that one every time.

    Maybe check back on the hung up bird again today, or just let him go to survive and work on his spurs for next year!