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  • The Ride

    Well, I finially talked one into taking a ride in my truck this morning.

    It all started Saturday, with a very frustrating turkey hunt. Wife and I heard seven different gobblers on the roost with one within 100 yards. Short version, there were a group of hens within 75 yards of us. He gobbled once, they answered, he gobbled twice, they answered, he never gobbled again, never saw him. With this being played out trip after trip I decided to go fishing. I was by myself and caught 26 bass in 2 1/2 hours all on topwater, no monsters but it was better than the turkey hunting.

    With the fishing so good my son decided to tag along Sunday afternoon to cast a few baits, once again the fishing was great and we caught all we wanted. One of my son's things is to drive on the farm so thats what we did when we finished up on the pond. As we round a curve right beside the pond a ol tom comes b-bopping around the corner takes a look at us and heads to the woods without any hens. It was close to 6 o'clock by then so I knew he would be close in the morning and hopefully no hens would find him.

    Well I was on my own this morning due to the wife having to get my son to school so off I went at 4:30 am. As I walk down the path I had forgotten that there are two ways to get where I wanted to go, if I make the wrong decision I'm busted. I say a little prayer and trust that he will led me the right way and as always he does. I don't know where the bird is roosted except for a general area, so I take my best guess of the direction and tree and have a seat.

    As I sit, I reflect back on the mishaps and rewards of this season. I hear a gobble off in the distance and then BOOM the one I am after gobbles no more than 60 yards, my pryer was answered, if I had gone the other way it would have been over. I give him a little purr and cluck and he cutts me off. I let him sit and he is gobbling his head off, double and triple gobble, one time I hit the call by mistake and he gobbled.

    Needless to say he came within 5 yards gobbling and strutting the whole time. I had him so close I could feel him drum and see the spurs as he came in. I had to adjust my gun when his head went behind his fan. Shot him at 12 yards at 6:10 am home showered and at work. Another great day in the woods, listening to all gods creatures and having a conversation with one while talking to the man upstairs. Can't beat it.

    Will post pics soon.
    AMEN BROTHER!!!! Can't beat it... I'm all for catching some fish but Man i usually hunt public land pressured birds and i can Fish anytime LOL...So when i can i'm sitting out there waiting...I wait all year for these 4 short weeks...which reminds me the season is only in its second week in my hometown of West Virginia so maybe I'll take a stroll up that way and try for another before the season ends.Great Job not letting them whip ya. Stay with it...They are still out there doing what Turkeys do and it only takes a few minutes when your dealt a good hand like you was on this Hunt...I killed 1 a few years ago that had heard all my Calls and everyone else's i believe for 2 weeks...Come to think of it, it was on this very Day May 2nd (My late Mothers Birthday) How did i beat him at HIS game?...I did what you did...Got Close and NEVER touched a call....Just slapped my hat against my leg and started scratching in the leaves with my hand...He pitched out and landed right in front of my gun barrel...I actually said OUT LOUD....'Thank You Buddy' and BOOM!!!
    Got to love that even when your call was a miscue that tom gobbled for you. Sometimes you make the right moves, some days you don't. Getting close enough to size the spurs, (I know I like to check them) can be tough. Good job all around!
    Here is the pic. Bird had 10 1/4' beard 1 1/8' spurs and weighted around 20lbs. Strange thing is he still had all his breast feathers, so I am assuming he had not been doing much breeding. My guess is the dominant bird is still out there more than likely the one that has all the hens with him every time we meet. One other thing that leads me to believe this is he was at a section of the farm we rarely see toms, mostly nesting hens. He was the first one we harvested on what we call the 'front' of the farm, we have harvested all others at the 'back'. I hope everyone has had a great season so far and hope you have a great close if not tagged out already.