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  • Bass Bait Bite On Richard Russell

    The Richard Russell Lake bait bite is on, and the bass are slamming shallow water baits off the points.
    The bait that were previously back in the shallow water pockets and coves have moved out. The bass are coming off the post-spawn and are goring themselves on the blueback herring off the main points.

    The primary lures to throw for the bait bite are white flukes and 3/8 or ½ ounce white spinnerbaits. Work the flukes and spinnerbaits off the edge of the points and slowly move out to the point and continue working around to the other side. Alternate back and forth between a fluke and a spinnerbait to find out what the bass want.

    The secondary baits would be small, shad colored shallow running crankbaits like the Fat Free Shad or a shaky head worm or Carolina rigged brush hog in watermelon red or watermelon sunburst. Work the banks near the points by casting to the dark areas out from the bank, and throw around stumps and any other visible structure like blow downs or wood piles.

    There were a few reports of the top water bite starting up. Some bass are hitting Sammys, but they do not seem to want frogs, yet. But with the water starting to move in the 70s, the top water bite should start to fire up very soon.

    The shallow water bait bite is definitely on Lake Russell, and it will not be long until the top water bite gets started. So get out there and get you some bait bite action on Richard Russell Lake.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley
    So the BlueBack herring is the Bait that the Bomber Bass are Biting?

    Good to know.
    Yo Jeff, I knew that you 'always appreciate a little alliteration.'