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  • Do these taste good....

    I have had more luck getting crows to come in to my decoys then turkeys. Do these taste good? I am going to have to wait until CROW season and then blast one. Has anyone ever tried one? I wonder if you fried the breasts with a little cavendars if they would be edible?

    Someone else please try em and let me know!

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
    Do Not Eat Crow
    They are scavengers who eat trash and will eat dead animals if they can. You will most likely get sick if you eat these birds.
    Try 'em
    I don't know rid--they can't have a worse diet than pigs or blue crabs!

    Brian, just do a google search on 'recipes for crow' and all sorts of websites come up dedicated to dining on these black birds. Cook some up next time you have some folks over and see what they think!