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  • Good Luck Tomorrow

    Hope everyone has their birds roosted tonight. Its gonna be a nasty one tomorrow. I went this evening and put four Toms to bed. There's a flood watch here so I hope they don't float away. Looks like its going to be a poncho kinda day.

    Here is a pic from a bird harvested by a friend in Burke County on opening day. I haven't ever seen white bars on a fan like this. The bird was 9 5/8' with 1' spurs. Im not sure if its genetic or if these birds have interbred with domestic stock turkeys (which there are a lot of around here).

    Has anyone ever seen white fans like this, or have any thoughts on what would cause it?
    Good Luck to You
    Man That's Beautiful..I would agree that its from breeding with domestic Turkeys because my brother killed 1 a few years ago while working near a recently built sub-division that is real close to a huge farm and the tips of its tail feathers were cream coloured, almost white like a Merriam's. Thats a Cool looking Fan though ...Wouldn't be hard to pick him out of the flock if you caught him on film huh?...Congrats.
    White in the feathers
    I have seen the same thing its actually real common when there is a turkey farm near. I killed one in VA that was about 1/2 white. A member where I hunt at killed one last year with a white spot on its back and spots on its tail fan.
    I think it could be natural. I have seen a few turkeys over the years with some white on them that were not ever near domesticated turkeys.