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    Turkey season is upon us once again. This is my favorite season because it is one type of hunting my wife and I started together. I deer and duck hunted before meeting her, but turkeys we started that together when the first season opened in our county. Each year we hunt together, rarely hunting apart, and take turns on who is to shoot first if there is only one bird. This year was her turn to be first on the trigger (I harvested last bird last season), and was she ready.

    Started morning out set up on a controled burn area, set up and ready well before the first of several gobbles were heard. The birds began their fly downs, I knew we where in the wrong spot, but decided it would be best to sit tight and wait. After watching several hens make their way to the feeding areas and hearing the gobblers work off in the other direction, it was time to regroup, so off we went to get some needed breakfast.

    It was around 11am when we made it back to the area we knew the birds would be headed to after the hens left. It wasn't 5 minutes before it sounded like we were surrounded by hens, clucking, cutting, purring and such, after what seemed like forever they moved on. The slate call was not producing any results, which made me nervous because it is my favorite call, so the wife recommends the loud as all get out 'Real Hen' box call by Woodhaven Calls. I scratch off a few yelps and sit it down to listen.

    Within 10 minutes a sneaky tom slips up to within 45 yards to sit right in the edge of the woods and strutts for the next 15 minutes without giving a clear shot (boarder line range as well), and finially moves on.

    As the wife and I whisper about the what ifs and the could haves, another bird begins to open up a good 500+ yards and then another about same distance but different direction. The slate comes back out and gets the response I like to hear, gobbles. We can tell the bird is coming right down the path, we will not be able to see him until he gets within 50 yards the way we are set up.

    The wife gets postioned for the angle and wouldn't you know the bird takes a short cut and comes from the left instead of from the right. I have the perfect veiw, angle and shot, but this is not my bird, so I some how maintain my composure and allow the bird to pass within 10 yards as she is doing everything she can to postion for the shot. The bird continues to strut and gobble 10 yards from us as it looks for the loud hen it heard before. The wife finially gets the shot at around 15 yards. 10 1/2' beard, 1' spurs and in the neighborhood of 19lbs.

    I would love to post a pic but have no idea how to. If someone could give me some help I will get the pic up.

    Last year the wife and I doubled two days in a row to fetch our limit on the last two days of the season after some near misses and alot of frazzled nerves.
    Go Girl Go!
    Great story. You go girl! Congrats on a very nice Tom.

    Save a picture on your computer to my pictures and then edit your post. Click add picture....and menu should pop up look for your my picture file on your computer double click the picture, then hit add photo and it should upload. Good luck send more pics and thanks for the post!