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  • “Wackin' the Bass on Lake Keowee”

    The tournament anglers on Lake Keowee are bringing in heavy sacks of big bass to the weigh-ins. These fishermen said that the bass have moved into shallow water and that they are “wackin' them.”

    Standing around waiting to weigh-in their catch, the tournament fishermen were saying that the big females are in less than two feet of water and getting ready to go on the bed. Other anglers reported, that where they were fishing, the bass have already started going on the bed.

    These anglers may not agree on what the bass are doing, but they do agree that the number one lure to catch these shallow water fish is a spinnerbait. White or chartreuse/white spinnerbaits in 3/8 or ˝ ounce with gold or silver willow leaf blades are the preferred lures.

    Other lures that are are putting bass in the boat are crankbaits like a #7 Shad Rap in crawdad or finesse jigs fished with 5-inch worms or lizards in green and green/pumpkin. Pound the banks in the backs of the coves and fan cast the lures in the pockets for action.

    No matter who you believe on where the fish are or what they are hitting best, what you can believe is that the bass fishermen on Lake Keowee are “wackin' them.”

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley
    Oh to be fishing the banks and beds in Lake Keowee right now - go get 'em Teach!
    Jagermeister girls
    Yo Jeff, the Jagermeister girls were at the March of Dimes weigh-in to congratulate the winners.