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  • An articulated fly for bass

    A fly I tie for smallmouth and largemouth bass; works especially well in rivers. The action is a lot like a jointed Rapala or jerk bait. Often this fly will outshine many traditional hard and soft baits used on spinning or casting gear, and since the materials 'breathe' even when sitting still it is absolutely deadly on spawning bass. It can be tied in any color needed to match conditions.
    speed wrap
    I like that speed wrap feature at the end of your fly tying vid.
    Now what size fly rod will you target these bass with?

    Those flies look awesome. Do you work at a tackle shop or sell them at a tackle shop or anything like that?
    6 - 8wt
    I use a 9' 7wt rod for that fly. It can be cast on a 6wt fairly easily and an 8wt isn't too much. The main thing is when fishing rivers, like the Edisto, that whatever fly rod you use has enough backbone to keep the fish out of stuff.

    I tie for fun in my spare time. Keeps my friends and me pretty stocked up with flies. Just finished tying for this weekend. With all of this warm weather Reds should be tailing in the grass during the upcoming 'tailing' tides. The fiddlers have become active, so food is there.
    yep, after a couple of cloudy mornings locally here this week, I net the sunshine will get those reds, and dem fiddlers, back into the groove