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  • Coyote hunting

    Alright so Im originally from NY and we hunt yotes with red spotlights and rifles with scopes. But I was just looking at the SC DNR sight and it says no scopes and no rifles over .22? I believe you can still use a spotting light however but seriously I dont think using a .22 without a scope is the best choice, even a .22 mag is questionable... I want to kill the thing without a doubt not give it a concussion or slow horrible death after it runs away and dies 3 weeks later from infection. Am I miss informed, any one who actually knows please educate me on all the regulations down here. Also if youre in the bluffton,HHI,beaufort, Ridgeland area and you need a hunting buddy let me know! I just got out of the Marines, bought a house and am staying down here.
    Welcome to the South Lowcountry area, and to the South Carolina Sportsman forums!

    Just keep your eyes open for those coyotes, and you'll get your chance to take one. As for not wanting to injure one, that is an admirable trait for a sportsman, it is always better to get a clean kill.