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  • Redesigned website

    Guys, the new front page design debuted today. I am very happy to see this upgrade roll out and I hope you will be too. Let's stay in touch here about if anything is working great (or not so great).

    Thanks - and ENJOY!!!
    Dang Jeff, just when I had your last upgrade mastered... Looks good so far and keep up the great work, see you at the classic.
    LOL @ one who hunts...Thats what i was thinking LOL...Good job JD
    Just wondering are yall gonna do the trail cam contest year around or just during deer season? Be cool to see pics ppl get year around of different animals besides just during deer season, just a thought...
    Trail Cam for deer will only be during deer season, but having said that we are trying to set up and run the turkey contest again this year, and we have other photo contests we are kicking the can on.

    So if you want something in particular, by all means speak up. Thanks.