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  • Bass fishing reports

    This weekend was a beautiful weekend for doing just about anything outdoors, especially fishing. I spent Saturday working on the boat and got the lower unit fluid changed and installed new spark plugs. The plan is to apply a coat of wax one evening this week and I’ll be ready for the season.

    Sunday I headed over to Belews Creek Lake near Stokesdale NC hoping to catch some bigger fish in the cooler water up around the Highway 158 Bridge. The water was in the low 50’s there so I figured that there should be a crank bait bite on the riprap. I couldn’t get a bite there but I spoke to one other boater who reported catching one close to 5 pounds in the same area. Thinking that the fish may get better as the sun warmed the rocks I left and returned several times over the course of the day, but never did catch anything there.

    I did finally land three nice fish around mid lake nearer to the hot water discharge where the water was in the lower 60’s. One was around 2.5 pounds but I didn’t get a picture since it was bleeding badly. I did get a picture of a nice almost 14 inch fish alongside the shaky head worm on a ¼ ounce head that I caught them on.
    James Gruskin from Raleigh reported that although he and his 13 year old son didn't catch any fish last Thursday they did have a great day. They fished at Blackley Pond in Rolesville fishing from a dock near an abandoned house at the end of the dirt road.

    They fished mainly rattle type lipless crank baits and his son had several smaller (6-9 inch) bass following his orange Rat-L-Trap near the dock. In general, the fish were moving slowly and seemed lethargic and James thinks they were probably a few weeks early. This could be a productive spot in March.

    James reported that “During our 12 hours of uninterrupted time together, my son and I had lunch, fished, ate dinner and went to a movie. The highlight was the fishing. I taught my son how to tie a Palomar knot with braided line, how to vary his retrieve speed and angle when fishing with lures and how to cast with greater precision. Although I have been skunked many times in the 35 years since I first held a fishing rod, I can honestly say I have never had a bad day fishing. Yesterday was no exception.”

    Great report James and glad to hear that you and your son had fun. I know he was hoping one of those followers would latch on, and hopefully that anticipation will stay with him thru his life like it has for me.

    Next report – Fishing report from Kerr and Jordan Lakes.

    Tip of the week – Take a kid fishing.