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  • Holographic sights

    Has anyone used 1 of these holographic sights? I recently purchased this 1 to try on my turkey gun. I like the low-profile design. I have a NWTF series Simmons scope that i had on my pump Turkey gun but thinking of putting this holographic on my new Auto.
    don't have one
    I have never had an AR platform, but if I did I think this it the type of sight I would have on it. I do have a Simmons 30 mm red dot scope - but I don't think that's exactly the same thing.
    Jeff this particular sight mounts to the standard weaver style base...What does the AR platform you speak of look like?
    Background Light
    All I know is any sight with a sight glass on it at low light will reflect the light behind you. Star light, sky light, or sun light.

    I went on a 3-D shoot with the bows with some friends on Saturday. We didn't start until 2:30 or 3:00 pm. Everyone with sights using a sight glass couldn't see the tatgert.....worked to my advantage!

    Think twice!
    Yeah Viper, The reviews said that if the sun was bright then you couldn't see the reticle at all but like a dummy i bought the sight and then read the reviews LOL but i'll put it on my 22 Magnum i guess. I think i'll just put my NWTF scope on my Auto or some Tru-glo sights