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    I have a question that ive always wondered about. Is it better to move around and hunt many places and cover a lot of ground over the property you hunt or have 1 or 2 stands and hunt them hard throughout the season? advice, personal experiences, or anything else?
    Tough Question!
    That's a tough question. You will always need to move because of the wind factor but, that can be around one corn pile or set-up! I always say try not to hunt the same stand twice and I usually give it two or three days.

    The other factor is dependant on how much land you have. You don't want to hunt every square inch of a property. You want your deer to have a safe zone or area so they will not be pressured off your land.

    I have 4 stand locations on 150 acres at one tract of land and hunt probably 5 different land tracts through the season.
    Really i think it just depends on the deer in the area your hunting I have seen places where you could hunt the same stand everyday you hunted and see deer and kill them and i have seen places where if you hunt the same stand more than 2days in a row the deer will vacate the area for the rest of the season so iam gonna say it depends on the deer and the amount of pressure they receive from you and other hunters as well.
    Like the other guys said, It depends on YOUR deer. I have several places i hunt and they are all different.Tracts of 93-45-73 and 25 acres. I'm the only 1 that hunts on this land and its spread all over the County. The 73 acres is rock throwing distance to the city limits and i can hunt my 2 stands there everyday during bow season and see deer 4 out of 5 sits, I can smell BBQ Grills and hear kids playing but the deer are used to this.On the 93 acres i have seen as many as 25 deer in the field eating...Up until i shot a few does and then the deer would stand in the timber just enough to figure out what my location was and then they would avoid that field till after dark, I have another ladder stand in the woods about 150 yards from the field edge and have seen deer just mill around waiting on darkness, Some of the smaller deer would go right on out in the field but the older/wiser deer would wait till darkness. The Bow stand i mentioned earlier is in a grown up cow pasture and i bush-hog lanes around the edge about 25 yards from my lok-on and i don't use bait and the deer will walk these bush-hog trails everyday from point A to point B....I did try bait at 1 of my box stands this year because i wanted my daughter to kill 1 but i just felt like the older deer knew it was out of place, It seemed like i seen more deer before i put the corn out in this cut-over, I even seen deer walk close to the corn and then go out of their way to get around it? I had pictures of 2 nice bucks using this area and i think the corn being placed there might have cost me a nice buck but who knows? I work with a guy whos dad is a big farmer and he said corn will be around $10 a bag next season...I'm just gonna place a few trophy rocks out and take my chances. I will add that i will move around with a climber if i find some hot sign and have took a few nice deer doing this.