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  • Our WINDY Quail Hunt Jan.8 2011

    Well after a uneventful Squirrel hunt this morning , a couple of my good friends call around noon and invite me on Quail Hunt. Oh Yeah...I thought...A Chance to try out my New Mossberg 930 that i bought for Turkey Hunting. We had a Awesome hunt in the VERY WINDY conditions. The dogs did a great job even with the wind we had to deal with. We got 8 Quail and 3 nice Chuckers. The Mossberg 930 was flawless as i put it to the test on a bird that i knew was to far to hit LOL....I'll share a few pics, Hope yall enjoy.

    P.S. Thanks Guys for the invite and Thanks to 'Duke' 'Sassy' and 'Jake' for a awesome hunt....Cant wait till we do it again
    Small Target
    GT.....justm like I say with bow practice...shoot at small targets and the big targets will be easier to hit. Nice that you're still getting to smell gun powder!
    Guess Who?
    Man, Where you been? This site dies after the last day of deer season. I.m seeing more deer activity now in the woods then i did when season was in LOL.
    Turkey Calling
    I'm with you on the deer activity. I've been late season scouting. Found where a big buck has been hiding. I should have know that's where he would be but just never set up a stand there. Put the trail cam out to see what I get!

    Hey I got a couple of diaphram calls. LOL....I got a level one and a level 3. Had 20 turkey's at my back door the other day. (Joking) but I'm getting it down. I just need the master caller to judge me.
    LOL Master yeah right
    Hey Man, There is several CDs out with REAL Turkey talk. I like the K&H Spittin feathers..Its a good one but you can also go to and hear real Turkey sounds and try to get a idea of whats what or i'll just make you a Youtude video LMAO....I found a spot that i should have deer hunted as well but then again it seems like i do every year lol
    bushytails and quail
    Squirrels put it on ya huh? Well, it can happen.
    At least you got to stand behind a brace of gorgeous English Setters and wingshoot that day. Quail hunting is a passion of mine and I find it a fabulous way to stay in the woods in January and February.
    Great Fun
    Yeah Jeff, I have went the last few years with these guys and its a blast. Even if we don't get any birds, Just watching the dogs is worth the hunt.
    Quail Hunt
    That sure looks fun. It is great to get out after deer season. I am looking forward to scouting in the snow this afternoon.