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  • Hunt Turns Deadly for 4 Hunting Dogs

    Joie McCutchen of Lee County was hoping for some good fellowship with family and friends when her hunting club took to the outdoors on the afternoon of Thursday, December 30th. What she got instead was a crazy experience that ended with 4 hunting dogs dead and a dozen people, including McCutchen, being quartantined and decontaminated by KershawHealth Medical Center.

    “We lost 4 dogs. It was awful,” said McCutchen, who added that the Medical Center “took all our clothes and boots and sent us home in scrubs and socks. Thankfully we are all home and OK. It could have been a much different story.”

    The ordeal was due to a large quantity of what was later learned to be the pesticide Temik that the group encountered. The 4 dogs that died rolled around in and ingested the substance, which caused death in a matter of minutes. Other dogs on the scene were treated by a local veterinarian and appear to be fine.

    It is unclear why the Temik was there, but McCutchen says she’ll never be able to get the image of its effects on those 4 dogs out of her head. And it’s a reminder to all us outdoorsmen to observe our surroundings for more than just the game we are pursuing.

    Brian Cope
    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Wow This is a Very Sad Story...Not sure what to say..Its just Sad.
    dead dogs
    That Temik must have some bad mojo - and it's a good things that the other dogs, besides the four dead ones, were not as interested in rolling in the substance.

    I have never heard of anything like this before. I'm glad that the hunters did not ingest the substance.