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  • Frozen report from North Carolina

    I sure wish I could be fishing, but every time it looks like I might get a chance the weather falls thru and messes up the plan. I did receive this picture of a 50 pound citation striper caught by Doug Robinson from Henderson NC on the Chesapeake Bay last weekend.

    I also got the photo of a nice doe killed by the son of a friend recently. William Arno from Stokesdale, NC killed this healthy doe, his first ever. He turned 10 on the 2nd and shot his first deer on the 4th.

    Next report – Still hoping to get out on Kerr Lake for a bit of striper fishing. They should be hitting live bait and jigging spoons in about 20 foot if water.

    Tip of the week – I rig up for stripers much like I do a Carolina Rig for bass. Usually I use a heavier weight, at least an ounce egg sinker. Then I will measure off how far it is from the front of the reel to the first eye on the rod. If its 18 inches then 10 pulls of line from the reel to that eye will put my bait at 15 feet deep. I like using shiners since they live better and you don’t have to spend time throwing a net, and they seem to work as well as shad. Hooked thru the bottom lip and up thru one nostril they seem to live usually results in a long living bait.
    Congratulations to little William and Doug's very nice 'Rock'.

    Good info to remember on the rigging for strippers Walt. Thanks for the report and the line count on the rod. I used to use this method out west trolling for the King Salmon. Once you find their depth it's easy to stay on them this way!
    Wow That's a Very Nice Striper and i agree that is a Mature Healthy looking doe...Great job...Whats you technique for catching your shiners because trying to keep shad alive is about all i get done when i go Striper fishing...Usually just pull Buck Tails but my Biggest ever Striper Doing this is 19 Lbs

    My shiner technique is to stop by the bait store and get a dozen and a half big ones. I found that if I ask for a dozen I get 12, if I ask for 2 dozen I get 24, but if I ask for a dozen and a half I get close to 50. It seems that the math calculation goes haywire on a dozen and a half.
    LOL OK
    OK So if i ask for a Dozen Big 1s and a 1/2 dozen Medium 1s and 6 small 1s then i should have enough LOL....Thanks brother, I thought you was catching your bait.....Good Luck