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  • Fishing the SE Coast

    The speckled trout haven't quit biting--in fact, they may have ramped up the action a little bit. I was in a situation a few days ago when we didn't have means to get on the water, so we fished from the bank.

    The little creek we walked down to looked good, but it appeared more likely to be holding reds than specks. However, all we really wanted was to have something pull back, so we began rigging up. Before I could get my tackle bag out and get a grub on the jighead, my buddy caught a trout.

    That was only a sign of things to come. We didn't keep an accurate count, but we had to have caught at least 40. Most were those 13 1/2 inchers that seem to be everywhere, but there were a dozen or so keepers and some big ones.

    We decided early on that if we needed to measure a fish to tell if it was legal, we would release it. We still kept five nice trout, with the smallest being 17 1/4 inches.

    They wanted 4 inch soft plastic grubs with paddletails. There had to be some green on the bait. I fished electric chicken and he fished chicken on a chain. The bait had to be on the bottom. I fished a 1/8 ounce head and fished it very slow. He fished a 3/8 ounce head and fished much faster. They ate them both.

    The water warmed a degree or two this week and we're not looking at a cold spell, so this should continue for a while. Maybe I'll have trout for Thanksgiving.

    Good fishing and Happy Thanksgiving to all,
    Capt. Jerry Dilsaver