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  • 42-lb Flathead Catfish

    Capt. Wayne Vining of Catfish'n Fool Charters ( guided angler Gill Cook on the Santee Cooper lakes, and the trip paid off big for Cook, who reeled in a 42-lb flathead catfish. The catch put Cook 3-lbs shy of getting his next trip with Capt. Wayne on the house. Vining has a 45/free policy, awarding a free fishing trip to anyone who catches a catfish of 45-lbs or better while fishing with him.

    Do you think Cook is bothered by missing out on a free trip because of 3-lbs? His smile tells me otherwise!

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter
    Yo Brian,
    Do you know where they were fishing and how deep?
    Hey Teach, Capt. Wayne didn't give any details on depth, location, or bait this time.

    He did mention the crappie are turning on though!