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  • Fishing the SE Coast

    Sometimes we get so hung up on all the special gear and boats it takes to catch fish, we forget we used to go fishing just to go. The past couple of weeks I have been revisiting some places where we have to fish from docks or the bank or sometimes wade.

    The puppy drum have rewarded us well. Sure it's difficult to cover much ground, but with some patience and working through a tide change or two, you can usually find a window when the fish move through. The pup in the pic was foraging along a little rip when he couldn't refuse a new penny Gulp suspended under a popping cork.

    Within a hundred yards of where this fellow bit, we have caught several more pups, a few specks and s few short to keeper flounder. All have been caught on artificial baits fished slowly. The artificials have ranged from an Aqua Dream Spoon, to jerkbaits, MirrOlure MirrOdines and Gulp shrimp.

    The point I'm trying to make is there are some scattered fish to be caught in many places if you will take the time to work the water and find them. These were on a bottom with a lot of rubble and rocks. However, we often see the fish smoke a small school of bait and then cast if they are in range.

    The other folks in this park, which I won't name, are always surprised to see us catch fish. I have to admit it is fun to catch fish where observers think you are wasting your time.

    The next time you want to go fishing, but don't have much time, give a local park or place you can walk to a chance. Sometimes you'll fool even yourself. I keep a couple of outfits and a small tackle box in my truck all the time. This guy was caught right at the end of lunch break.

    People wondered what I had been up to when I went back to work with a big grin!

    Good fishing,
    Capt. Jerry Dilsaver