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  • Time to repeat

    I'm ready to repeat the 'view to a kill'. This was the ambush site for the 150 pound doe last year up in the mountains!

    The dark spot on the tree in the second picture is my umbrella and backpack where I was sitting! She never knew I was there!
    Fat girl
    Looks delicious. Which County?
    Great job Viper!
    Man, its gonna be cool when we get to where we can post video clips huh? Them Lunar times you speak about...Can you go ahead to opening morning and check? Last year i didnt hunt opening morning because i got called into work the night before but went that evening and had 4 Velvet bucks come by at once with the last 1 being a 2.5 year old 8 that i shot at 14 yards...My only full velvet buck ever....Just hope it cools off some.
    girl meets hoyt
    looks like you took her out for me a turbo hawk this shoots like a to shoot pse, but wanted to try something 50 yards they dont have a chance.hope i get to feed that hawk SOON.
    Krisbee it was in Wilkes county.....them apple feed deer.

    Slayer....congrats on the new bow. I love my Hoyt as Tom knows ...well....and everyone else but, the reality is all bows can kill. It takes lost of practice....perfect practice. I hope you smack a big one.

    Tom I just checked opening day Lunar Charts. Major moves are: 2:18am-4:18am 2:38pm-4:38pm
    Minor times are: 8:29am-9:29am 8:49pm-9:49pm

    Sunrise is 6:53am and Sunset is 7:28pm. Deer will be on there feet when I'm walking in heading for their bedding areas. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch a straggler.
    i believe with my soul,practice makes you perfect.for all you new bowhunters out there,practice,practice,and practice some is better on the animal you harvest that you can trust yourself with the ability to make the great shot.
    Hoyt shoot 360
    Hey Viper, restrung a Vetrix XL today and got it tuned up for a customer and then blew a gt through the chrono at 300fps. Then I worked my magic and shot again with a top speed of 360!!!
    By the way nice doe. I bet she was tasty. For all the post on practicing, the info couldn't be more true!