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  • Close Up

    Up Close and personal.....
    Thats is what you called come in get me chad
    I say he will go 135-140-- Thanks Chad-- been waiting. When my bruiser shows up i will post!! maybe close to a record!or will go in the books
    Once again....WOW
    Chad, I wish you the best of luck with this deer.If i was ever fortunate enough to take a deer of this calibur with a Bow....I wouldn't care what the score was!!!....This is a Trophy for NC or anywhere for that matter. Being from West Virginia, I've seen some Great deer over the years but i cant think of anyone that would pass this Buck up. I prefer bucks in Hard-horn but if giving the chance....I wouldn't wait lol.......Good Luck
    Close Up
    Holy smokes! What a stud!
    Thanks guys..
    Thanks for the comments. I have been trying to stay out of the area for the most part. I only enter after 1pm and use scent control. I must have 250 pics of this deer. The stands have been hung for about two weeks and I have pics of him following stand placement. I know he will go nocternal soon. I just hope he makes one mistake opening week. I have taken some good deer from this location but it seems you have about one week to score before they change and then I have to wait for the rut and hope he has not wondered off and got shot. He did not get this big for no reason but I am looking forward to the challenge.
    Wall Space
    I hope you have the space on the wall picked out! Man he is a stud! Watch the Lunar Charts and narrow the gap!
    By the way Lunar times Major moves on July 26th were 12:08am-2:08am and 12:24pm-2:24pm your bruiser was one hour before the window of 12:24 pm. Major times are plus or minus 1 hour.
    Nice Buck
    Beautiful buck for NC i wish you all the luck in the world man on getting him.
    AUG 16th was last post
    WHere is CHAD? Nice buck