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  • Crossbows

    Some of you will be taking advantage of the new law allowing crossbows. Having hunted with a xbow for the past 10 years with the handicap permit, may I share a few words with you.
    You are still flinging sticks with a string! All that is required for conventional bow applies to xbow hunting. You are not going to shoot farther or faster than any decent compound bow on the market. The xbow is easier, steadier and simpler to shoot than your bow but that is where the differences end. Feet per sec and trajectories at specified distances remain the same so please don't think the xbow will allow you to make an incredible 50 yard plus shot because that's a bunch of baloney! I never strayed outside of 40yards (preference is less than 30) and I urge you to keep all your self imposed limitations the same as if you were hunting with a conventional bow.
    As for brands or types of crossbows, I will share what has worked for me over the years and that is a xbow made by Excalibur. These xbows are pulleys, multiple strings or cam wheels. Not a bunch of fancy stuff to break! I have replaced a 12 dollar string twice and that's it!
    I have really enjoyed that xbow over the years and you will too. They are a gas to hunt with!
    Keep those shots ethical. It's still a stick and string. Happy hunting all.
    Amen.... tchunter
    I agree with you one hundred percent. I myself don't use a cross-bow and really don't want to because of their limitation. My cousin has had several xbows because of a handicap but has settled on the Ecalibur because of it's supiorority to others he has owned. Like you say....cams on other bows break and cables....simplisity is best. Those short bolts won't carry like a longer arrow either.
    Great info
    Thanks for the advice, tc. I think a lot of hunters trade to crossbows thinking they will somehow allow for longer, easier shots.

    Thanks for giving everyone some information to consider.
    Thanks for making up my mind
    I was thinking of getting a Xbow and did some reading and have decided that my Bow has killed deer and Turkeys without a problem and like Viper stated... Arrows will out-shoot bolts and i cant see getting a second shot with a Xbow if something goes wrong with the first 1 like i have in the past with stick&string...The women in China-Grove said the New AR15 by PSE would kill a deer at 100 YARDS........WHAT????That is a bunch of balogna for sure...then again any bow can shoot 100 Yards but actually kill a deer????SHOW ME.....BTW Congrats on the 50+ shot on the doe Viper
    I have an Excalibur as well and like shooting it. High quality, very tough, easy to maintain. It's inferior to a compound vertical bow for hunting deer in the places I hunt because it is so hard to maneuver. However it's superior in all conditions to a vertical bow for hunting large hogs. Aim behind the ear with a 400 grain bolt and a 150 grain Boltcutter broadhead and it will go completely through that thick head. No tracking required.
    Excellent Info!!!
    Thank you for the insight tchunter. I own a archery proshop and sell crossbows. What you just said is spot on. I try to tell my customers to make sure they remember that they are still using a bow! Not a gun. With some of the upgrades I will tell them that they can harvest white tails up to 70 yards because the bolt coming off of todays bows is still holding around 75 to 80 ft lbs of kinetic energy. As long as they practice the shot and the conditions are favorable its an ok shot to take. However, the key is practicing the shot. Viper has a bow kill at 54 yards, which is outstanding, and that should be proof enough. Especially with a pass through.
    Inferno4me....thanks for the plug but that was 58 yards. I practice 65 yards and if the opportunity is right will try 70 yards this year! But caution....I want a dead deer not wounded! Thanks for all your help and congrats on the new shop.

    Wildlife Adictions in Clnton North Carolina ask for Monty 910-592-9800
    Thanks for the great deal on the Goldtip Prohunters! They shoot awsome!
    This is excellent advice! Please everyone heed it. I have hunted with xbows in other states and found them to be capable weapons, but with far more limitations than most folks believe. The ability to have it cocked and to aim like a rifle is nice, but I have found my compound to be a more deadly weapon from about 30 yards on out.