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  • Crossbows, Sunday hunting, new seasons ADOPTED

    NCBA defeated!!! HOORAY

    Delayed Hunting and Trapping Rule Changes Take Effect Aug. 1, 2010

    2010-11 Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations also Effective Aug. 1

    RALEIGH, N.C. (July 12, 2010) – The proposed hunting and trapping rule changes approved by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission in March 2009 but delayed for legislative review will go into effect on Aug. 1, 2010.

    Along with these delayed rules, hunting, trapping and fishing rules proposed for the 2010-11 seasons, approved by the Commission in March 2010, go into effect on Aug. 1.

    Fifteen hunting and trapping proposals were referred to the General Assembly by the North Carolina Rules Review Commission in April 2009 in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. As a result, the rule changes could not take effect until they were reviewed by the legislature, which convened in short session on May 12 of this year. Legislators had 31 days to propose bills disapproving the rules.

    Four bills were introduced disapproving the Commission’s rules. Because none of the bills was enacted into law, the following changes will take effect Aug. 1, 2010:

    Require persons harvesting deer through the Deer Management Assistance Program to use tags provided by the Commission and report their harvests, whether those deer are antlerless or antlered. Allow harvest of deer on DMAP areas under the big game harvest report card and the bonus antlerless deer harvest report card, where applicable.

    Change the description of where bonus antlerless deer harvest report cards may be used from “private lands” to “lands other than those enrolled in the Commission’s Game Land Program” in order to permit the use of these cards on military installations, national wildlife refuges, and other public lands that are NOT game lands.

    Remove the daily bag limit for deer.

    Allow hunters to use archery equipment to harvest deer during the muzzleloading firearms season on game lands.

    Shorten the bow season by one week and open the muzzleloader season one week earlier to create a two week muzzleloader season.

    Deer seasons in the Northwestern deer season will be changed so that the regular gun season is extended through January 1. Deer seasons in the Eastern, Central, and Western deer season structures will remain unchanged.

    Deer seasons on game lands in the Northwestern deer season will be changed so that the regular gun season is extended through January 1. Deer seasons on game lands in the Eastern, Central, and Western deer season structures will remain unchanged.

    Open all private lands in the Eastern, Central, and Northwestern deer seasons to the maximum either-sex deer season.

    Assign all of Moore County to the Eastern deer season.

    Allow falconry on Sundays, except for migratory game birds.

    Allow bow hunting on Sundays on private lands only, except for migratory game birds.

    Allow the use of crossbows anytime bow and arrows are legal weapons.

    Disallow the selling of live foxes and coyotes taken under a depredation permit to controlled hunting preserves.

    Allow a landowner with a valid depredation permit to give away the edible portions of deer to anyone. Require the recipient to retain a copy of the depredation permit.

    Eliminate the requirement that a landholder must get a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit for the taking of migratory birds before getting a Commission permit to do so.

    An online edition of the 2010-2011 North Carolina Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digest will be available at on Aug. 1, 2010. Hardcopies of the digest will be available mid-August.

    Common sense
    This is good news. I'm going to take a deer (any deer) by recurve opening day. Then I'm going to take one with my Excalibur the next day. Will post pics if it works out...
    I'm gonna take 4 doe the first day with my Hoyt and 4 that Sunday with my Hoyt......the freezer is a little low! Lol! Good News!
    Finally the folk who work all week will have that extra day!! Thank you Thank you! Gonna be a good year!
    Viper--Your kidding right???????
    I don't want to stir-up a can of worms here but.....does ANYBODY really need more than the 6 deer they already allow us????Viper we have all heard you brag about yourself and that d**m Hoyt but ain't you forgetting why we are allowed to hunt anyway???If it takes you 7 days a week and 4 months to fill your freezer than you should be shooting a BOWTECH and waiting on bigger deer...I think Sunday should be the Lords day and I love to Bowhunt as much as the Next guy and I dont agree with the rule, in my opinion its just a rule to make the insurance companys breath a little easier...We don't...Well I DON'T ,live in the Bone Collector fairyland where everytime you step in the woods you have to kill a deer...8 Deer in 2 days????Really????That sounds more like a murderer than a Sportsman!!!!!
    Ready to go fishing.....because I have your can of worms!
    First off as most people here know I am a fact I'm the head of the trustees in my church. I attend church just about every Sunday and not because I want to be seen there but, because I love the lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for my, yours and everyones sins. I cut the 2 arces of grass for the church because they can't afford to pay someone to do it. I find my biggest pleasure in taking youth from my church and my community hunting so they can learn to do it right, safe and to further this sport. Shooting a couple deer a year or just 'Wall Hangers' isn't getting our deer population under control, which if you haven't noticed is out of control. So the extra deer I shoot every year is picking up your slack not to mention adds monies to the NCWRC from every bonus tag I buy! Right there I am doing more for this sport than you! I eat every deer I shoot and waist nothing. I take pride in not having to run down to the grocery store to buy that meat that has been injected with hormones, locked in a pen, hauled around on trucks and treated like @hit! I hunt for meat not wall hangers and every now a then the GOOD LORD smiles on me and blesses me with a wall hanger. As it says in the Bible, I am a good shepard of the land! What do you do for your youth??? or church????? Judge not least ye be judged it says!

    P.S. No I'm not kidding! And this isn't about the auto insurance industry it's about offsetting CWD; which one do you want?......healthy herds or mass die off!
    I'm a preacher's kid, so...

    Eight deer sounds like about 30 backyard bbq parties to me. All for it! Name the time and place. I have about 200lbs of bear left over from last year...getting foundered on it.
    Viper, I've got a can of worms but...Bring that HOYT to anchor
    I would rather watch paint dry than to get in a argument with someone about deer..So let me say, I respect your knowledge of the Bible and what you do for your Church, I was just voicing my opinion, and you favor these laws because of mass die-off from CWD???...Please!!!...To my knowledge, NC has never had a confirmed case of CWD...And I quote 'RALEIGH, N.C. (March 8, 2010)To date, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has tested over 4,450 captive and free-ranging cervids for CWD, and no CWD has been found'. And again I quote ' It is not known exactly how CWD is spread from animal to animal. It is believed that the agent responsible for the disease may be spread both directly (animal-to-animal contact) and indirectly (soil or other surface to animal). It is known that transmission can occur between animals and that animals held in contaminated facilities can contract the disease. It is thought that the most common mode of transmission from an infected animal is via saliva, feces and urine'....So once again in my Opinion...Around a CORN pile where alot of deer hang out would be a culprit for starting this UNTREATABLE disease...Or maybe I'm just jealous that you can throw your money out on the ground and have a place where you can kill 4 deer a day as they come to your Corn Pile, trying to build up fat for the winter....NOT!!!..But To each his own.. and if you perfer to play the game that way, thats your call, I didn't invest thousands of dollars in Truck,ATV,ETC to set up shop and blast a beatiful creature from the dinner table...My money is hard earned and so are the deer I take...I dont have great places to hunt where I can...and I qoute you...' I'm gonna take 4 doe the first day with my Hoyt and 4 that Sunday with my Hoyt 'but YES I do love Hunting....I hunt Everything and am Thankful when I'm successful...BUT I have nothing to prove to anyone and im NOT gonna kill,em over bait.As far as our youth,Teaching kids thats its Fair or OK to ambush a hungry deer at a corn pile????Thats not how i learned to hunt...And you say 'you eat EVERY deer you shoot and still buy extra tags to shoot more'???Hope you hunt off the ground or gotta a steal cable on that safety harness...I wasn't aware that our Deer Population was that bad, but with you and That HOYT waiting at the CORN pile...I'm sure you'll have it straightened out in 1 year... Sorry i struck a nerve with ya and By the way...Like i said 'To each his own'...Theres nothing wrong with a HOYT bow...Take care and God Bless

    Count your blessings and move on.

    new rules
    they havent upped the limit of deer you can kill just 6 in one day if ya want ,muzzle loaders realy glad for the two weeks gives me more of a chance to kill one with the smoke stick been tring a long time just cant get it done and the sundays bowhunting im in the middle i beleave in god buta man or woman made to work on sunday should be able to enjoy the outdoor sports on sunday too,igave up bow hunting few years back cuae of the skeeters and snakes but might get another for sundays after it cools of ,i will say this i am just a hunter bow,rifle ,dog if they banned ether one i would just go to the otherif youdontlike some of what they added dont do it,not tyring to be rude one,
    Yes & No
    'they havent upped the limit of deer you can kill just 6 in one day if ya want'

    Yes they did, the entire eastern section is now maximum doe, no limits so long as you purchase bonus tags. You can kill as many as you possess tags for in a day. I hunt in the central zone in Anson, we have Maximum doe season. If I choose to shoot my 2 bucks in one sitting, I'm good. Go get back in stand a knock down 4 does, I'm still good. I go to wally world and buy bonus tags, however many I'm willing to pay for, lets says 4, I can get back on stand and shoot 4 more if the oportunity was to arise. You can kill as many does as you can buy tags for.

    No, bucks limits remian as they were statewide for each respective zone.

    No, I wouldn't take that type of an advandage of the no daily limit ruling. No use for all that meat and I like to hunt more than I like to drag and clean them.
    Buckshot and Deer and Duck Hunter
    I dont claim to be a know-it-all...So correct me if i'm wrong...I think the rule is...You must use the 6 tags on your report card FIRST...THEN you can buy Bonus tags for $10 each but ONLY 2 at a time...RIGHT? It makes sense to me because i dont have the confidence in my hunting area to stock pile tags like its a done deal each time I'm afield I'm gonna kill a deer....Anyway i guess when its all in writing in mid August...we'll understand...Good Luck to you guys...Shoot straight, put Safety First and Take all the memories and leave only footsteps!!!!
    Bonus tags
    You can buy as many bonus tags as you want when you want. You can fill your doe tags on your report card, save your buck tags and shoot more does on your bonus tags......unless things have changed and like you say....we see come August 1st on-line!