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  • Snow Hill Gobbler

    Took this tom on the last day of the turkey season in NC Saturday May 8, 2010. I patterned this bird over the previous 4 hunts. I set up a ground blind along a farm field road that the bird was using regularly. My friend and I got in the blind about 15 minutes before dawn. Around 6am the bird gobbled. I responded with a few yelps from my slate call. The tom responded immediately and I put the call in my bag. Told my friend I was going to take a nap while we waited for the bird to come in. We both dozed off for about an hour. When we woke up, the bird was with a hen about 20 yards from my tent. Mr. Tom was strutting for his live hen and my hen decoy that I placed 20 yards down the road away from the roosting trees. I filmed the tom for a minute displaying his stuff and then dropped him. Great way to end the 2010 turkey hunting season! Charles Bell Raleigh NC
    great closing day bird
    Was the live hen aggressive toward your hen decoy? I had one come up and chest-bump a decoy and knock it down one time.