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  • Tough Tom

    Bird taken in Caldwell Co. at John's river near Globe mountain/Collettsville area.
    Tom and 2 hens left the field, got spooked. We had 2 toms talking by 5pm and then a hen showed and didn't like the decoy. 5 min later here comes the tom looking for a hen. He hung in there for a few minutes, but no shot yet. He started to slip away and we did some light clucks and purrs and he started back in and at 40 yards he hit the dirt! The ol' 11-87 busted another one. My father-in-law and me called him one in earlier Thursday morning. This tom was not a heavy bird 17lbs 6oz, 9 1/4 beards, 1 in spurs. 3y bird. My father-in-laws was about the same, just a pound heavier. Those mountain toms aren't easy to hunt!

    Matt Daughtry
    Tough Tom
    Matt, did you kill that bird on the John's River Game Lands?