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  • Stokes County opening day success

    I wasn't supposed to kill this gobbler, which my son and I stumbled onto at about 8:30 on Opening Day, April 10, in Stokes County.

    After getting him to gobble twice and figuring out that he was coming our way, I pointed to a tree where I wanted my teenaged son, Andrew, to sit so he could get first crack at the bird.

    Well, he liked another tree, seven or eight yards away from the one I liked, because he thought it gave him a better shot if the bird came in from our north.

    The bird came in from the east, and when it got in range and started to strut and drum, there was a big tree between Andrew and the turkey. I had my gun up and waited for several minutes before realizing something was wrong on his end of things, so I let the gobbler have it at 36 yards.
    He weighed 17-6, had a 9-1/2-inch bird and 3/4-inch spurs: a standard 2-year-old longbeard.

    I let him pose with the bird for photos. You can bet my son will listen to the old man this Saturday.

    Dan Kibler
    Managing editor
    N.C. Sportsman