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  • Opening Day Gobbler

    Opening day was a success!!!Killed my first Turkey!!!Me and a buddy(DEERSLAYER)headed out early this morning after a Gobbler Deerslayer spotted the night b4.Mother Nature took care of the locating...all we had to do was listen while the owls and crows called for us and the gobbles followed.We found our spot put out our decoys and started working!!!Deerslayer started calling and old tom started answering...and this only went on for about 2 1/2 hours.He didnt want to come out and show his face so we double teamed him,Deerslayed yelps and i answered with a gobble to make him think he had some compition.After about three time he desided he better get out the long fight payed off and we took our first turkey.My trusty ole Mossberg took him down and we started celebrating.We landed about a two yr old tom with a 9in. beard and 7/8in. spurs....and WOW I aint quit grinning yet!!!

    team work
    man,we made a great team yesterday morning. a no hitter