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  • Turkey Hunting/Hunters

    Turkey Hunting is my passion and if Anyone has Turkeys on their property, I would be glad to pay a fee to have a go at one or perhaps I could call you or a Grandchild one up,if you've never took one...If you are a Turkey Hunter and you are successful,I also make necklaces out of spurs and WingBone Turkey Calls as well...Just get your spurs/wings to me if your interested and wear your trophy with Pride and have a call in your bag of tricks that they dont hear often......I live in Lexington and Thanks and best of luck to everyone this Spring
    Hey Guys
    Hey Guys,Just wanted to touch base again with all you and wish you Head-Rollers Good Luck this coming Spring...Stay Safe and Always try to leave the Land Better than you found it...God Bless
    ISAIAH 55:6