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  • Public Hearings

    I encourage all of you sportsmen who live in district 5 to come to the Public Hearing tonight at the Graham Middle School Auditorium.
    Public Hearings
    What is the Public Hearing About?
    When I attempt to view the 2010 proposed regulations at I get an error message. Anyone else experiencing this?? Anywhere else I can view proposed changes?? Thanks
    Public Hearing
    The hearings are meant to give hunters & or non-hunters the oportunity to voice their opinion on proposals to change any NCWRC regulations. Went well. I've been going to these hearings for several years now & enjoy hearing the comments from other sportsmen. Not alot of proposals on the table this year, but as you know several from last year are still being reviewed. I was surprised to see a proposal for an armadillo season. Didn't realize any were around. My main comments were about extending the muzzle loading season, earn a buck, and some clarification of the gray areas in the regulation book about feral hog hunting. In my opinion, any extension of the firearms season should be restricted to 'does only.' We all know that some areas have too many deer. The only way to keep numbers in check is to take out the does. Putting any extra pressure on the bucks doesn't do any thing to help control the population.
    The two buck rule has helped the quality of the bucks I've seen harvested the last couple of years. 'Earn a buck' would take the next step in improving the quality of bucks and reducing the quantity of deer. As far as the 'non-regulated' feral hogs, ther are too many gray areas about hunting them on private land. I've been told by several wardens that I can do what I want, 'BUT?'. I want something in print. Hopefully the Commission will clear up some things.
    Yep there are a few armadillos here now.When I hunt in Georgia they are always running around. Season is open year round which makes for some great off season hunting. They eat 'em in Texas but in Georgia they say they carry a disease like leopersy so I haven't tried them.

    I agree-buck quality is really strting to come up. I only shot does this year because no bucks really where ready for the wall/pan.