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  • What's with the H5 proposal........

    I don't know if you eastern NC bow hunters have checked out Fish & Games proposal 'H5' but it is not for us. It will shorten the bow season by one week to allow a 2 week muzzle loading season. That's great for 2/3's of the state that already has a 2 month bow season but, it will shorten eastern NC from 4 weeks of bow to 3. We already have the problem of dog hunting forcing us to hang the bow up early. How much worse can it get. Sunday bow hunting is a small consultation for these changes. I guess we need to sit in on some meetings.
    Here's a scrape from my trail cam to prove my point! How about we get a 2 month bow season shortened by one week for the muzzle loading hunters. Fair to muzzle loading and bow hunters!
    thought we could still bow hunt during that extra week of muzzleloading. is that not so anymore??
    Bow Hunting
    Dang, I thought you could bow hunt any time from opening day of bow season until Jan 1 in the East.
    H5 Proposal
    Archery equipment is a legal manner of taking for the entire season. Guns & dogs are not. I enjoy it all here in the central season. I dog hunt here and do everything I can to not step on any toes, apparently unlike most dog hunters down east. You (bow) guys in the east do need a little more time 'ALONE' in the woods, maybe like the central season. Unfortunately, the insurance commission in this state has a say in the NCWRC's proposals toward thinning the deer herd, and are all for killing more deer. Sadly, archery equipment, selective harvest, and the 4 buck rule do nothing to thin the herd. Me personally, I would love to see a 3 year moratorium on taking bucks state wide. Does only. The only way to thin the herd is to kill the does, BIG TIME!!! Can you imagine what would be running around in the woods after that 3 year period? B & C's everywhere and a heathier population because the bucks can get more to eat. 1 or 2 bucks statewide would be great only after you take out some does. Kill 2 does & you get a buck tag & repeat. I love to be in the woods. At this point in my life, I don't care if I kill another anything. Just trying to enjoy being out there! Good luck to everyone the rest of the season!!!
    Straight out of the book
    'Bows and arrows are not permitted to be
    used on game lands during the muzzle loading firearms seasons
    except on areas designated and posted as “Archery Zones.”
    Not a problem for me I hunt private land....but for others it is. You must wear hunter orange during ML and gun season, so for a bow hunter there goes our stealth. You will only truly understand this if you bow hunt.

    I vote for 3 year moratorium on bucks and a state wide 2 month bow season. I meat hunt and occasionaly get a trophy for my efforts! Just my 2 cents.
    I think thats last year h5
    H5. Exclude the Eurasian collared dove — a non-native bird — from the definition
    of wild birds.
    Justification: Birds legally defined as “wild birds” in North Carolina have certain
    protections. Removing these protections would allow hunters to legally shoot
    Eurasian collared doves, incidental to taking mourning doves