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    Can someone help me with this? A couple months back I swear I read on the NCWRC website that H29 was passed removing the firearms restriction during the closed big game season on the game lands. I just checked the website again and I can't find the news release about this.
    H 29 is in effect
    The N.C. legislature passed H29, which opens game lands to large caliber weapons during 'open hunting seasons but while big game seasons are closed.'

    In the past, large-caliber rifles only could be carried at game lands during deer and bear open seasons. Hunters were restricted to .22 caliber ammo. But now, if any other season (small game) is open, a larger caliber rifle can be carried to take feral ('wild') pigs, coyotes and groundhogs.

    The Newsbreaker story was published in the Oct. 2009 issue of NC Sportsman
    Thanks CastNBlast6. Sometimes I wonder, but I didn't think I was crazy.