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  • New Hanover County Buck

    Shot this one around 6:30 10-22-09 with the Matthews DXT, in a field I had planted in oats and peas. When he showed up he had walked straight from the marsh off of the NE Cape Fear that i was facing and he wasn't there long, as soon as he steped to the corn he was broad-sideand I let the arrow fly. he was at 12 yards when I shot, he ran about 30 yards. Scored 134 buckmasters scoring. I've been watching this deer since last year, got him on film during dove season knocking down sunflowers with his rack to eat them. The Kicker.... he was shot in a ground blind that I had set up in a tree line in between the two planted fields that is about 100 yards from my front porch.
    Nice Buck
    Congratulations on your trophy!!

    Just shows you that your hard work paid off.

    Well done!!!

    Very nice buck
    Very nice Buck!!!!!!! So those Mathews Bows do shoot good....just joking! I'd take him if it was with a FORD! Good go out and get another one!
    great deer
    Dang dude
    i live right next door in pender county and its impossible to find big bucks like that
    great job i hope that ones gettin mounted
    Great Buck
    Congrats on a really fine buck!! That's a wallhanger for sure.

    (You have a flat tire)
    beautiful buck! so was this killed in castle hayne? awesome awesome buck