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  • Lunar Charts Again

    What can I say! Lunar Charts had it for the major move at 11:02 am to 1:02 pm. Tim and I hit the tree at 6am and the first deer to walk out was 11:45 am and Tim bagged his first 6 pointer with his 25/06. I'll keep you posted but these charts are about 90% dead pun intended!!!

    'Food around the around the around the corner for Tim!
    Congratulations on the 6-pointer. What charts are you looking at? Which website? or calender?
    Nice deer. Please share what charts you are looking at. PS it appears that the leaves are starting to cover the area up. Maybe you guys can work together before they get out of hand!!

    Good job

    Lunar Charts
    I use the charts built into my Garmin handheld GPS. That way the times are accurate for the area that I'm in. From the mountains to the coast they will not vary that much but, from NC to Texas they will. The long and the short of it is simple....if the moon is overhead or underfoot day or night the animals will be in their most active time or cycle. Look for moon rise and set times, which are the minor times of movement and add 6 hours will put you in the ball park for the major moves. Major times are usually plus or minus 1 hour and last 2 hours and minor times are plus or minus 30 minutes and last one hour. I've hunted with friends and text them 'it's about time' and 4 out of 5 times the deer showed up.