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  • North Carolina sovereignty

    Greetings everyone,
    I dont know about most of you but I am very angry about the way our federal government is going. Trying to eliminate our 2nd amendment rights and if they cannot do that, they walk around it and will tax everything related to firearms to a astronomical amount(including ammo)so you can own the firearm but cannot afford to shoot it. The federal government is trying to control all states which is also against the constitution according to the 10th amendment. Please read this petition and sign if you feel comfortable saving your constitutional rights. North Carolina needs to remind our federal government of states sovereignty. 11 other states have done so. Please help us get our country back to the way it was meant to be. Research online about sovereignty and know what your up against. All 11 of these states governors have turned down atleast most of the economic stimulus package entitled to their state because there is a real risk that state will lose its own rights and be obligated to the federal government. We need to stop this 'take over' of the federal government. Please sign this petition once you have understand the seriousness entirely.
    Thank you

    Here is another petition that explains alot also.