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  • Wooly Mammoth?

    I thought these were extinct. Hope he shows up during shooting light. I need a warm new coat...
    holy hog
    i'd say thats a trophy. out of curiousity...whats the reasoning behind setting your feeder in that puddle?
    i'm new to n.c. but am a very avid outdoorsmen from everything from fishing for bluegills to chasing mule deer out west. just curious to know if there are more pig hunting opportunities in the state like you've got.
    What county?
    The feeder is set in a swamp in Johnston County. During the spring and summer this land is relatively dry, but once the hogs find the feeder site they create a wallow around it. This fills up with water during the winter rains but that does not stop them from coming in. They love it.
    I've seed many pictuers and a lot of hogs and I have never seen or hurd anyone talk of a pig like that. Thats whats so cool about the woods you never know what your going to see. Thats got to be the 1st pic of bigfoot on all fours ever taken.
    I've heard that they may pass a law allowing night hunting with the aid of red flood lights to combat the rampant spread of these animals. In Caswell County, we've been told that we can in fact do this, on our club (private land), as long as we notify the local warden before conducting the hunt as to what we're doing so they won't waste their time checking out the shots fired at night calls.

    According to one warden I talked to, the WRC has trapped about 275 on the R. Wayne Bailey Gamelands because of habitat & food plot distruction. Hopefully the WRC will let us carry appropriate arms on gamelands to hunt these possibly dangerous things when the big game season is closed.
    Big boar down
    The boar in the second pic was killed Friday afternoon. He weighed 310 ibs, had a huge head and big, big teeth. He was a real trophy. Several hunters had been trying to get him for a long time. Congrats to the gent that sealed the deal! That will be a heck of a mount!

    Now, about bigfoot...
    We talked to a warden from Johnston Co. when my son took his hunter safety course this summer and he said feral hogs are considered farm animals, not game animals so the wildlife laws do not cover them though they do cover the wild Russian boar in the western part of the state. He said that shooting them any time of the year and even at night was OK. He did ask that people let them know ahead of time if they were planning a night shoot just so they would be aware. They say that night shooting and trapping are the only ways to keep the numbers in check.