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  • Sunday Hunting


    On the post I posted of my daughters first deer, someone asked how I hunted on Sunday. The hunt was in Mississippi where deer hunting is allowed on Sundays. I also hunt LA and Kentucky where Sunday hunting is allowed. I have made several hunts in NC. Not sure what the reasons are not allowing Sunday hunting, but most normal people have to work all week and can only hunt on the weekend. I don't see why Sunday's are off limits to hunting!! You can fish on Sundays and do other recreational sports, why not hunting? I would think if enough hunters call their senators and representatives, this could be changed. For the ones that don't want to hunt on Sundays, that is your option. But anyone who wants to hunt on Sundays should have that option. Until sportsman stand up and stick together, nothing will change. Until it changes, LA., Miss., and Kentucky have great hunting opportunities(including Sundays). Give it a try, maybe when officials see the dollars they are loosiing to other states, it might open their minds to allowing sundays hunts. With that said, NC does have some great hunting opportunities.

    Just my thoughts!

    Sunday Hunting...Count Me In!
    You can count me in for Sunday hunting. I've lived the luxury of hunting Sundays in other states. The problem here is we are in the Bible Belt and that is one of the biggest and dumbest reasons I've ever heard.....and I'm a active Christian. The other thing I've heard is the NCWRC would have to hire more officers. Another dumb thing....because I never see them anyway and they should already be in place for the fishermen that are fishing on Sunday. I say ....QUIT STALLING already. I'm a big Bow hunter and the proposal to consider Sunday hunting is to Bow hunting only and that's not right. If we hunt Sunday it should be whatever weapon is in season. I hear shooting almost every Sunday in Sampson it can't be because of the noise. North Carolina I guess, prides theirselves in being the 'feet draggers' and being the last to try anything. i.e., 70 MPH zones, Loto....things that other states have been doing for years.
    sunday hunting
    Iím a christen and I believe that it says in the bible on the seventh day he rested! BUT I also believe that you should have some Quiet time That is set aside for just you and god I also know that when Iím hunting thatís when I have my quiet time and get rest and clear my mind. My question is what the difference in fishing and hunting on Sunday is. I coached the church softball team and I know there are a lot of churches in our league that practice on Sunday and most would say thatís fine and itís a sport just like hunting. After church as a southern Baptist I know a favorite meal is fried chicken and that chicken had to die didnít it? I have hunted Georgia and hunted deer, quail, and turkey on Sunday. I know it says that you should workshop and fellowship on Sunday but I also know that you can do hat in Wal-Mart if you want so why not the woods with friends. I have friends that are in that situation where they work 5 or six days a week and thatís the only day they have off. If it makes anyone feel any better there are deacons at our church that agree with me and the funny thing is they donít even hunt so yes on Sunday hunting. Buy the way Iím not a member of an organized religion Iím Baptist
    change is a coming! Praise the Lord!
    I never could understand it either. No hunting on Sunday is just ridiculous. I too am a Christian and have no idea what people are talking about it being in the Bible. Goodness, if sittin in a tree isn't resting I don't know what is! But, this year, 2009, we should be voting again for Sunday hunting, open limits and firearm use all season long.....and a bunch of other amendments thanks to the Insurance commission getting fed up with incidents of deer collisions with cars. I for one support it 100,000% I mean get real, how many hypocrites sit in the pews every Sunday ya know? of u don't want to hunt on Sunday, then don't. As for me and my house, we will hunt!
    Just some thoughts
    First off let me just say that I absolutely love to deer hunt and I spend all my free time pursuing that passion. I love it and can't get enough of it. This being said, I strongly oppose Sunday hunting for two completely different reasons. Being a Christian myself, I believe Sunday is a day of rest. Getting up at 4 am to go hunt is not getting rest. I believe Sunday hunting would keep many Christians or prospective Christians from attending church services. It sure would be tempting to spend another morning in the deer woods on a cold november weekend rather than being where we need to be.
    Secondly, the deer in our state are pressured enough. At least give them one day of peace, we owe it to them and ourselves. Why push them any harder when it's already hard enough to find mature deer during daylight hours. If we want better deer hunting in our state we need to increase restrictions, not open the flood gates.

    Just my opinion
    Sunday hunting -- the survey
    The Wildlife Commission hired an out-of-state agency to survey a sample of North Carolinians (hunters and non-hunters)a year or so ago and the results were 70% of all surveyed opposed Sunday hunting and hunters were split 50-50 on the topic.

    So there's no consensus among everyone in NC about support of Sunday hunting.

    The problem in eastern NC remains dog hunting. Churches exist in many rural areas and those folks aren't really thrilled about the prospect of packs of hounds runnin' bucks and does thru the parking lot and gunshots outside while Sunday School or the 11 a.m. service is occurring. However (see next paragraph) that problem may be partially solved by a new proposal.

    The NC statute (state law) that prevents Sunday hunting only applies to firearms. So the WRC has a proposal on the list to allow bow hunting at private and game lands on Sunday for 2009-10 season. But no one could shoot at a migratory gamebird, just deer. Falconry (also not addressed in state law) also would be permitted on Sundays.

    Whether or not NC should permit gun hunting on Sundays is an open question. But the fact remains that sportsmen must live with non-sportsmen in NC. And non-sportsmen far outnumber sportsmen.

    It does the cause of hunting little good to name call or belittle non-sportsmen or Christians because they don't support Sunday hunting. There obviously are positive life lessons to be learned in churches.

    With the proliferation of deer in N.C. it is difficult to see that a hardship is imposed on anyone who works Mon-Sat and only has Sundays off. If a person works that much, there's little time for scouting and deer hunting then becomes not a trophy search but a 'let's shoot a deer' deal when an opportunity arises. Early-season hunting allows plenty of daylight (in the a.m. and p.m.) before or after working hours. And if hunting is that crucial, simply take a vacation day or two -- isn't a day spent deer hunting the same as a day at the beach or mountains? If one can't survive without venison and has no opportunity to hunt, consider asking a friend to take a doe to fill your freezer.

    We are, after all, talking about a pastime, a sport, a recreational use of tim. Why get NC's non-residents riled up by forcing hunting down their throats when we can hunt 6 of 7 days per week?

    NC has its own unique characteristics and that's what draws many people here to live. We're the No. 1 state for people to re-locate now, surpassing Florida. We must be doing something right. On the other hand, because we get a lot of people from other states, it's likely they're trying to impose what they're used to on NC and change NC so it'll be more like where they came from.

    If NC were Nebraska, Iowa or Montana, with almost no dog deer hunters and plenty of open spaces, Sunday hunting would be a non-issue. But we're not. We're the 7th-largest state and growing population wise every day.

    Just tell me the reason
    The problem is, no one will step up with a definitive reason why Sunday hunting is not allowed. If a reason were ever given, it could never be logically defended.

    I am a Christian. Do Christians only go to church and then home to rest on Sundays? No, they go to lunch, then possibly do some shopping, cut the grass. Me, I would hunt after church. I'm still going to go to church, but I am going to kill something afterwards (if so blessed). To each his own.

    Should laws be made based on popularity polls? Hell no. If that were the case no one would pay taxes.

    Let the biologist make their recommendations based on scientific evidence. That's the only way our wildlife populations should be managed. Not by religious groups or popularity contests.
    For NCSU-Hunter
    I thought the following comment you made was right on the mark!
    'I believe Sunday hunting would keep many Christians or prospective Christians from attending church services. It sure would be tempting to spend another morning in the deer woods on a cold november weekend rather than being where we need to be.'

    I'm with you buddy. Let's keep those laws on the books that will make us go sit in church on Sunday. Forget that free-will stuff. I too would much rather keep a law to forbide Sunday hunting than to deal with the devils temptation to go hunting.
    Good point was made with the prospective Christians as well. How in the world will we be able to bring all them hunting heathens into the fold if we go and allow them to hunt on a Sunday? Can't let that Sunday hunting get in the way of the offering plate, now can we? I am with you NCSU....lets shove it down their throats since they don't know whats good for them and yes, you and I do..
    Oh to have lived back in the days of the Spanish Conquistadors! Those folks knew how to force feed!
    I agree
    I for one agree with Boog-A-Lee! It should be the Hunter's choice. If I want to hunt after church on Sunday, then I should have the right. This is not going to stop me from going to church, however, I would be able to relax in the tree in the afternoon.
    The times we live in now have long forgotten the 'day of rest' on Sundays. I don't have to go to church on Sunday to prove that I'm a Christian. I can worship any day. Hell, most common people work a full day on Sunday trying to support thier families. Thier 'day of rest' is the only day that they get off. The only real solution to the over-populated whitetail herd in NC is to allow Sunday hunting, with all weapons. If it is good enough for the other states, why not in NC?
    sunday hunting
    I support Sunday hunting, if you're affraid it will keep you out of church you're weak and you need to get your priorities in line. fishing is legal on Sunday and I love to fish but I don't let that get in the way of church.spending a quiet sunday afternoon in a tree would be a great way to 'rest' if you ask me. let alone the fact that some idiot will try to sue over the whole seperation of church and state thing. I do not believe that religion should be a determining factor in a decision like this.I may never hunt on sunday if the new law passes but I like to know that I have the option.
    Sunday Hunting
    There have been some questions as to why there is a ban on Sunday hunting so lets be perfectly clear here.
    The state ban was enacted in 1869. The law makes North Carolina one of 11 states, all in the East, to strictly limit or prohibit Sunday hunting. The law dates back to the enactment of 'blue laws' devoted to maintaining Sunday as a day of religious observance; the view from some pulpits is that there is no reason to change.
    A quote from the News and Observer dated September 10, 2006: ďThe Christian Action League of Raleigh opposes easing the ban. The Rev. Mark Creech, the league's executive director, said one of the ban's virtues is that it protects rural churches from dangerous disruptions.Ē
    The 2006 Studies Act commissioned by the North Carolina WRC with respect to Sunday Hunting contains the following: 68% of hunters who oppose hunting on Sunday cite religious reasons for their opposition. The basic opposition to Sunday hunting among hunters and non-hunters was the same Ė opposition based upon religious grounds.
    Make no mistake about it. This law is in place to keep you in church on Sunday. This country was founded on the principals of freedom of religion. I submit, what about freedom FROM religion? What gives a segment of the population the right to dictate to another what they can and cannot be allowed to do on a given day based solely on religion? If you want to be in Church on a Sunday and then spend the rest of the afternoon ďresting' on the sofa, greatÖIím all for it my brother. But donít deny another individual because you think you know whatís good for them.
    I will accept a lot of different reasons for not hunting on Sundays. But when I get religion shoved down my throat it sticks in my craw. If any of you have served a tour of duty in Afghanistan, youíll know what Iím talking about. They are called the Taliban.
    Are we not living in America? Where is my freedom of choice?
    The heads of a government that follow a particular religious faith, should not dictate laws based on that religion upon its people. Now, having said this, do I personally love the Baby Jesus? You can bet your hunting boots I do.
    Sunday Hunting
    I also feel as many have stated, that there is nothing wrong with sitting in a tree after church on Sunday afternoon. Are we to believe that S.C. is less religious than N.C. because they can hunt on Sunday? I think we are all guilty of going out to eat at a restaurant after church on Sunday which is in effect causing someone to work on Sunday. What's worse????
    Sunday Hunting
    Not to mention buy beer on sunday, or go to the sports bar to watch your team play. I dont think there is anything wrong with enjoying a hunt sunday evening. I can understand not doggin on sunday, but I have a feeling next year we all will be able to fling arrows on sundays
    sunday hunting
    Hereís the deal Iím a christen and always will be and thatís not going to change! But not all people are and I see Sunday hunting as just another way to reach them. I know some are saying how. If you hunt with a club such as some of these guy you can lead by example your club buddy may ask you if youíre going hunting on Sunday morning you can say no because you will be in church and then invite them to go to church with you. You could ask a kid or coworker that you are hunting after church would they like to go with you to church and then the stand. I can say Iím all for it and think itís a good idea if you donít like it donít go! You want see me hunting on Sunday but thatís my choose you make yours. But I will still go to the woods and enjoy what god gave us to manage. I love the woods and Iím in them at least 5 days a week every week of the year and will continue my walk with god in the woods. The point of being a christen is to reach the lost and this can be a way to reach those who are. As for the public hearing goes it was split about 50-50 but surveys also states that the 50 % that said no to Sunday hunting also over 75% said that if it passed they would hunt on Sunday so which side where they riley on.
    sunday hunt
    I agree with Paul. I am a Christian and attending church every Sunday morning. Not only is this another day to be in the woods doing what we love, it is also a chance to increase the recruitment for others to start hunting. Most young people are playing fall sports and don't have a chance to go on Sat. I like the idea of inviting to church and then going to hunt. I wrote these thoughts to the NCWRC in 2006 after the survey and even mentioned allowing the hunt to start after 1pm, so not to disturb church services. I hope it passes for us and future generations.
    Sunday Hunting: NC's newest tradition
    Solutions to NO Sunday Hunting Arguments

    There have been various arguments offered in support of maintaining the Ban on No Sunday Hunting in North Carolina. I wish to supply counter arguments to repeal the Ban.

    Argument: If Sunday hunting were allowed, fathers/mothers would spend less time with their families. I.E. Deer season widows.

    1) The state has no place in dictating ďfamily timeĒ. This is a personal issue.
    2) This Ban does not forbid: Golf, Fishing, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, or any other ďpast-timeĒ that could take place on Sunday, thus taking a family member away from ďfamily timeĒ.
    3. The two have NOTHING to do with one another. Church is where you make it. In the woods, I am in His wonderland. No one can even begin to tell me where I need to be on any day of the week. To each our own. Religion is not the deciding factor here.
    4.) Many parents would spend more time with their children teaching them their values and getting out into nature instead of sitting in front of TVís and computer games.

    Argument: I want to go to church on Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest.

    1) Repeal of this Ban would not keep anyone from attending church.
    2) The state has no place enforcing/supporting the doctrine of any religion
    3) Asking for a day of rest on Sunday is religious based ďAnd on the Seventh day he restedĒ
    4) This is a violation of the North Carolina Constitution

    Argument: Church services would be disturbed or attendance would go down.

    1) People attend church on Wednesdays (a legal hunting day) and there has been no conflict.
    2) 43 other states that allow Sunday hunting have not encountered this problem.
    3) Religions other than Christianity, which have services on Fridays and Saturdays (legal hunting days), have not encountered this problem.
    4) The state has no place ensuring church attendance.
    5) There are currently no restrictions on operating a firearm on Sunday
    6) This is a violation of the North Carolina Constitution

    Argument: Farmers and landowners would be forced to allow Sunday hunting on private property.

    1) Farmers or landowners can dictate what activities are allowed to be conducted on their property. They simply can write ďNo Sunday HuntingĒ into their permission contracts if they so wish. It is law that hunters must carry written permission to hunt private land already.
    2) Sunday hunting would force no one to participate in any activity. Private property would still be private.

    Argument: It has always been this way.

    1) Tradition is not a valid reason for denying a liberty or privilege.
    2) It is one, if not the last, of the Blue Laws on the books.
    3) Many other traditions have been declared in violation of the constitution and no longer exist.

    Argument: Deer need a day to rest from the pressure of hunting.

    1) There is no valid evidence from other states that allow Sunday hunting, that the deer are ďover-pressuredĒ.
    2) Deer are unaware of the days of the week. So they do not Ďknowí that this day is Ďsaferí than any other.
    3) Many hunters go out on Sunday to scout, check their stands, cameras and/or feeders. The deer are not aware that the hunters are unarmed.
    4) Although there is no study to site of the effects of Sunday hunting in North Carolina except from the Federal Marine Base , conclusions can be drawn from the data in other states.
    5) There is light pressure from hunting during the week because many, if not most, hunters work during the week.
    6) Other uses of the deer hunting areas (these multi use areas for hiking, bird watching, bicycling) would also disturb the wildlife in these areas of public use. They also do more damage than hunting does.

    Argument: There will be an over-harvest of deer.

    1) Although there is no study to refer to for the effects of Sunday hunting already in limited practice in North Carolina, conclusions can be drawn from the data in other states. There has not been a negative effect on the deer herd in these states.
    2) Bag limits would still be adjusted by NCWRC as they are currently.
    3) Few North Carolina hunters fill all of their tags. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission set the limit of deer per season. An increase in harvest should not drastically effect the herd population based on the present limit.

    Argument: We donít have the money to pay for extra Wardens.

    1) Wardens are working on Sundays already. As a whole, they do not get Sundays off any time of the year.
    2) We have, in place now, a phone check-in service. There would not be an increased workload since Sunday check-in is already available.
    3) Increase in license sales and taxes could provide needed money for Conservation iissues

    Argument: I want to walk in the woods on Sunday.

    1) If you own your property, do not allow Sunday hunting. If you donít they how can you dictate the use of private property that you donít own.
    2) There is large No Hunting areas in State Parks. Private property use should not be dictated to by the state.
    3) Sunday hunting in no way prevents other use of our natural resources.
    4) Hunting usually takes place from September to January which is the coldest time of the year in North Carolina. This would only apply to a small number of individuals who have many places to walk supported by funding from hunting.

    Argument: What good will it do?

    1) Opening Sunday for hunting would allow Ďworkingí hunters more opportunities to take game. Especially if Saturday is affected by inclement weather or family obligations take precedent.
    2) Allowing Sunday hunting would increase the chances of hunters to supply more meat for their families, thus saving them money by extending their food budgets.
    3) There would be more use of expendable goods: gasoline, food, restaurants, and hunting supplies.
    4) There would be increased income to Hunting Preserves and Guides.
    5) There would be an increase in out-of-state hunters. This would provide increased income to local economies (Preserves, guides, hotels, gasoline, and restaurants) as well as to the NCWRC by way of an increased number of out-of-state licenses.
    6) Increased income for game processors.
    7) Opening Sunday to hunting will allow children who have Saturday school or extracurricular activities (football, soccer, and clubs) to hunt. They would not have to choose between the two.
    8) Opening Sunday to hunting would allow hunters more time to enjoy participating in a way of life that many hold dear.

    In the end the No Sunday Hunting regulation is an archaic and costly regulation. It prevents families from spending time together in pursuit of a sport they enjoy, limits income provided by hunters and sets up rules decided for religious reasons. Many current laws are passed using the reason that many other states do it so why donít we. The next time a legislature says this ask them ď43 other states allow Sunday hunting so why donít we.Ē
    Support Sunday Hunting, NC's newest tradition
    Reply to Cflay
    If I am not mistaken...Sunday hunting is only allowing bowhunting...So everything about firearms is irrelevant.

    And you are right...No one has the right to tell another person how to spend their time...But seriously, how long did it take you to come up with all this? Do you really have nothing better to do? Each person needs to make the decision to hunt or not to hunt on Sunday on their own! But I would encourage you to not let hunting interfere with your opportunity to worship and fellowship at church...Church is also a freedom that is under close scrutiny!
    Sunday Hunting in NC
    March 4 the NCWRC will decide whether or not allow archery hunting on Sunday in North Carolina. The NCWRC does not have authority to allow gun hunting on Sunday.

    Independent of the NCWRC commission Senator Boseman has entered a bill to allow gun and archery hunting on Sunday.

    North Carolina is only one of a handful of states that does not allow hunting on Sunday. North Carolina does allow fishing, stockcar racing and the sales of alcohol and lottery tickets on Sunday. Hunters and those of faiths other than Christianity are discriminated against with this policy.

    Hunting should be a matter of choice on Sunday, left up to the individual and not dictated by the law of the state.

    The arguments for hunting on Sunday are not mine, but written by a good friend in Virginia, which is also going through the same battle.