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  • Ashley Gatewood's big buck


    I had been watching this buck all summer in Rockingham County via trail camera my girlfriend had given me for my birthday on Oct. 2.

    He finally appeared about 10 minutes before last light.

    I made a 20-yd shot but could not find the arrow or blood so I waited till the next morning and found blood and the arrow. He had run about 75 yds.

    It was so awesome everything came together.

    I moved up here last year from the coast, so this was my first year hunting the giants of Rockingham County.
    Job Well Done!
    To many hunters take for granted the task of scouting. Cameras are the surest way to see who is walking the trails. When it all comes together it's nice to say .....JOB WELL DONE! Congratulations. P.S.....keep the girlfriend!!!!
    I don't know why this report is listed as belonging to CastnBla
    Nice buck, but I didn't post this story and I'm CastNBlast3.....some kinda 'puter glitch, it appear.
    Good job
    Great buck man.. and I like the stick/prop idea there.