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  • What to buy?

    I happened across you while looking around in the 'North Carolina Sportsman' site. I hope that you can point me to a resource that will help me. I want to purchase a GPS unit to use on my boat at the N.C. coast. I think I want a handheld unit but am unsure if handheld units offer the features that other type of units have and that I may want.
    I am a technical minded person. Being a switching tech for a telephone company for 30+ years I've worked with an everchanging stream of testing equipment. But, trying to make a decision on what GPS device to purchase is a problem. I seem to find either very general information in sales promotions or information in magazines that is written by sommeone who assumes that I already own a unit and that I have a background.
    Can you suggest a good source of information to help a person with no GPS experience learn about GPS units with the goal of making the correct GPS purchase.