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  • No Deer? Take a Hog Instead

    It's deer season in the midlands, and these first few weeks of the season are typically tough, but keep in mind that this part of the state has plenty of wild hogs that can make your outing profitable even if no deer show up. Most deer processors will handle your hogs for you too, so don't be intimidated by the processing aspect if you aren't up for the job yourself.

    Two hunters in the Horatio area of Sumter County laid two hogs out when their efforts to take deer were thwarted this past weekend. They'll still have plenty of meat to go around the dinner table.

    How many other folks out there typically see hogs while deer hunting, and how many take advantage of it?

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter
    I typically do not see any hogs while I am deer hunting. However, if I did see some - I think I'd be like these guys and harvest some bacon!
    How much do you think they weigh?
    Hog weights
    One of them was 150, the other 165.
    Sandhills hog hunting
    Hey I've noticed u hunt the sandhills for hogs and Ive been allowed to hunt a track of land in Jefferson sc in chesterfield county. I havent had the chance to see the property yet but I was wondering is there hogs in Jefferson? I know they are in that county but i don't know if there where I'm hunting but I hope so I've always wanted to harvest one.

    Thank you god bless and safe hunting
    a few...
    I don't believe there are large numbers of hogs there, but there are definitely some. If you are willing to do a little scouting you should find some sign of them. Good luck and share photos of your kill here!