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  • hog problems

    Trying to get rid of some hog on my property before deer season starts here in the upstate. I have caught a few but cant seen to get them to go inside the trap most of the time. They are smarter than most people think. especially a boar like this one who wont go in the trap. Any suggestions?
    Shoot 'em
    Shoot them piggies! It's legal to hunt them at night now, with certain restrictions. From DNR's webpage:

    'There is no closed season on hogs and hogs can be hunted at night with an artificial light that is carried on the hunter's person attached to a helmet or hat, or part of a belt system worn by the hunter and with a sidearm that has iron sites, and barrel length not exceeding nine inches (50-11-710). The sidearm may not be equipped with a butt-stock, scope, laser site, or light emitting or light enhancing device. However, hogs may not be hunted at night from a vehicle, or with a centerfire rifle or shotgun, unless specifically permitted by the department.'

    And of course you can hunt them with rifles and shotguns during daylight hours. What have you done with the ones you've caught in the trap? Many deer processors in SC will process hogs for you.
    Try a bigger trap for sure - that's a BIG pig.
    Hog Tips
    Go to and click on trapping tips.....some useful information
    Trap problem
    Dont put so much corn outside the trap, and make sure the wire at the bottom of the pin is covered. The orange palm tree fruit is irresistable to pigs, put that in and they will go in
    Take a 7mm and send it at 3300 FPS right behind the ear! That will solve your issue!
    Hog Problems
    If your approach is trapping, might want to think about using a larger trap. I have seen and built homemade ones that are 8'x10'. In this case, you could trap multiple and larger hogs at once. Looks like a lot of corn outside the trap, would recommend keeping it in the trap and just in front of the door.
    If your approach is hunting, kill them all. They are a HUGE problem and are becoming an epidemic here in the lowcountry. I like to use a 12 gauge to allow for multiple shots when herds are present. Good Luck!!