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  • Proposed Changes to SC Freshwater Fishing Laws*

    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has held several Freshwater Fisheries Open House on proposed legislative updates. These updates are a “Review of current freshwater fishing laws and statutes in South Carolina.” This review is of four species: bass, bream, and crappie; non-game; striped bass; trout.

    There were two parts to the proposed changes. Part One was passed as Bill 1340 on May 28, 2010 by the South Carolina Legislature. Part 2 is proposed changes throughout the state and specific lakes.

    Proposed statewide changes:
    Bream-possession from 30 to not more than 15 Redbreast
    Spotted Bass-possession from no limit to 10
    Smallmouth Bass-12 inch limit and possession from 10 to 5*
    Largemouth and Redeye Bass- possession from 10 to 5*
    *(May possess a total of 5 in any combo of largemouth, redeye, and/or smallmouth)
    Crappie-possession from 30 to 20 with an 8 inch limit

    Stripped Bass- no change

    Trout – Statewide possession from 10 to 5

    The information above is a small sampling of the changes. Under each species of fish are specific changes for individual lakes. More information may be found at
    Under Freshwater Fisheries Open House/ go to Information for Chapter 13 Open House: Specific Species Proposed Changes

    The final open house will be in Florence on August 17, 2010 at Francis, Marion University, Lee Nursing Building, 4822 East Palmetto Street, Florence, SC.

    SC Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley

    *This is my 100th report for I would like to thank all the people who took time to talk to me and let me take their picture, and to the readers for their kind emails that they have sent me.
    Good proposals
    I think a change that makes different regulations for different bodies of water is good. In North Carolina, I've heard casual anglers complain that the variations in trout regulations are ridiculous and should be the same for the sake of ease. That would make it easier for folks to know the laws from one body of water to the next, but that's all it would do. It certainly wouldn't help the fisheries!