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  • Hunting Island Flounder

    The flounder bite is on fire in the Hunting Island Lagoon, and flatfish of all sizes are being caught. I joined up with some other kayak anglers this past weekend and we caught them in a variety of ways. At low tide, we caught several flounder around the walking bridge that passes over the lagoon. We caught numerous others between the bridge and the back of the lagoon.

    Mud minnows fished on the bottom and reeled slowly accounted for some of the fish. Trolling with the current with rods stuck in rod holders picked up a few fish as well. Z-Man Minnowz artificials in pearl color fished on white jigheads were good for 4 flounder, with these fish also caught while slowly reeling in the lure along bottom.

    Flounder make great meals and each fish yields 4 fillets of some of the best tasting fish out there. Fishing for them from kayaks is a blast, and is a relatively inexpensive way of getting to them. Kayaks also allow anglers to reach areas other boaters can't, especially at low-tide. During a 4-hour period in the lagoon, the only other boaters we saw were other kayakers, who wished they'd brought fishing rods along once they saw what we were catching.

    The flounder are definitely back inshore, and now is a great time to catch them.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter