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  • Va. gentlemen makes good on a 3 day hunt!

    A good friend of mine,who is also from Va., but now resides in Murrells Inlet, has been trying to get me to come down to S.C. for spring gobbler season for years now. After a nasty battle with cancer,and a crippling surgery, I felt I better take him up on his offer before I checked off the planet. I have hunted deer with my friend up here in Va. for years now and had turned him on to a few good spots so he returned the favor. After 2 days in early April, we had baked in the sun overwatching recently plowed fields in Aynor, with limited sightings of a hen. I just could'nt take dishing out a lot of cash for my out of state license, and getting smoked, just sitting there doing nothing.
    We decided to scout the property and proceeded down through the swamps and came across an old logging road. Now mind you, these gobblers in this area was tight lipped, so we figured our best chance was to find tracks and sign. Coming across this old logging road was like hitting the Wild Turkey lottery!! We found unbeleivable strut zones, tracks with the two drag lines on each side where Mr. Tom had been doing his courting dance for the hens!! The sand on the old logging was like a chalk board. We moved our blind and equipment up in this area and set up shop in time for an evening hunt with no action.
    The next morning, after getting into the blind before daybreak we were still talking about how we was'nt hearing any gobbling and figured it was because this area has a healthy coyote population. My friend whom is an excellent caller did a limited number of cuts and a fly down call. The first thing to appear, sure enough, was a coyote, bearing down in a full run around 8 A.M.. It got about 50 yards out and figured our decoys was'nt right and proceeded to exit stage right in a hurry before he got into shotgun range. The next customer was a beautiful hen, who walked up to the B-mobile decoy and got impatient with his ignoring her! She yelped a couple of times and then started calling for her man. We both knew it was on then!
    We sat there talking about 45 min. when Mr. Golfball head just appears out of nowhere. This Turkey just crept up on us silently and surprised us both. He meandered around our decoys for a minute or two, but never showed any aggression towards our strutter. It appeared he figured something was'nt right and tried to exit. Well, my remington 870 3 inch magnum express with #5 winchester shot put a stop to that. It was a relief to get a nice bird, even though me and my friend knew this was'nt the boss. I enjoyed myself alot, and it really made me feel vindicated because I had only shot 1 other turkey in my life (with numerous other chances but I let them walk becuse I was'nt hunting them)and it had got away. That bird was a doubled bearded Boss but I used a half brass shell. But that's another story...Thanks SC, I had a great time!!
    Congratulations on your Palmetto State gobbler. What you did is no small feat! Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    Good Job!
    You did a lot better than me. I have been chasing turkeys in two states and still have not gotten one.