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    Captain Jeff Yates picked me up at 6:30 AM just as planned. We headed for the Wando river towards one of his favorite Redfish spots. With the sun rising over the marsh we ran his Pathfinder through the creeks and curved around bend after bend, leaving nothing but a small wake in our path. These waters are 'HOME' for Captain Jeff who has been fishing the Wando River since he was a child, and he knows every bend like the back of his hand. He spoke of the massive schools of Redfish that awaited our arrival, and told us about the tails and backs coming out of the water that we would soon see. Not long after he pulled back the throttles and we drifted to a stop. Where he slipped the trolling motor into the water and told us to watch the banks for nervous water. As if on cue we saw the water break and the flip of a Redfish tail. Jeff had already loaded a fresh lively shrimp onto the hook and handed the rod to John. 'Throw right in front of that wake about 10 feet and let it drift into the fish, then hold on' Just like that Johns rod was doubled over and he was holding on just to keep the rod in his hands. The Redfish ran off with a blistering first run, and the school of Redfish came alive. We saw the water boiling all around us. Fish were going in all directions. We landed that first fish and then backed off to let the school get back together. Once again we slowly worked the bank until we saw the backs of the Redfish coming out of the water. Jeff pointed to the spot that John needed to cast the live shrimp and like a professional he dropped the shrimp right on target. Seconds after his cork was once again dipping under the water and running down the bank. John set the hook and once again was hooked up to another Wando River Redfish. As the morning went by we caught Redfish after Redfish! In an hour or so John had boated and released dozens of fish and asked how long this action would last. Captain Jeff told us that when the water rose above the oyster shells that it would be time to catch some Trout. John was excited, because he had already mentioned to Jeff that Trout were his favorite species of inshore fish. In the meantime we floated shrimp past the shellbeds and picked at the fish. One of Johns casts a little closer to the shell bed produced a flounder. Jeff noted that with any luck John would have the INSHORE SLAM...A Trout, Flounder & Redfish all in the same day! With the tide rolling in the trout bite would surely turn on any minute. Jeff moved us from the shell bed to another spot where we could float our live baits over some live oysters and soon after our corks were dipping underneath the silt filled incoming tide. Trout after Trout we put the icing on the cake and fulfilled Johns INSHORE SLAM! Noon was soon coming and Captain Jeff had to end the charter.
    He gave us the heads up that we would drift past this last shell bed and that it was time to head home. On the way back to the hill we talked of the tales of the day. Story after story of spewed out until we hit the dock. All in All a GREAT Day on the water!! John became another satisfied client for Captain Jeff Yates of TYJO KNOT Charters. If you would like to enjoy some INCREDIBLE inshore fishing with one of Charlestons' finest captains call 843-270-TYJO or
    843-270-8956 ...You won't be disappointed!

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