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    During my visit to St. Kitts, West Indes I was able to join Gregory Degrasse at the Monkey Bar for some Delicious Food and some Great Atmosphere! On the Caribbean side of St. Kitts, protected from the winds of the Atlantic, midday at Frigate Bay brings a warming sun to the area and has most of the people in shorts and bikinis. With my feet in the sand looking over the ocean I was tempted by the sweet smell of chicken cooked on a grill and smothered in a jerk sauce. The citrus flavors were tantalizing the taste buds of anyone within 200 yds. I just could not resist anymore and I headed to the table with the best view. No problem with that...Every table has an Excellent view! You can feel the sand on the wooden floor of the Monkey Bar as it falls through your toes. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!! The attire at the Monkey Bar is whatever you are wearing ....That's Fine! I mean you can come in a suit if you please, but you better be ready to unbutton your shirt!
    Ladies ...Don't come topless, but your bikini top will be cover enough. The Atmosphere with the sand and water is AMAZING! Looking out over the Caribbean with a cold drink in your hand ...Makes you think 'It just can't get any better than this' and then, out comes some of the most delicious food you have ever sank your teeth into. I had the Baby Back Ribs...They came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and they were EXCELLENT! I was just about to lick the skin off of my fingers trying to get to all of the sauce! Who needs napkins!! Gregory and his staff really know how to bring it all together. Great Food, Great Bar, Great Atmosphere! I could smell the fresh grilled fish cooking and just didn't have anymore room for the Catch of the Day, MAHI MAHI, But next time I will save some room. It smelled really good! If you are traveling in the Caribbean and you get the opportunity to stop in St. Kitts. Get one of the taxis to take you to the Monkey Bar. and don't forget to have Monkey Sex!!!I am not sure what is in it...But It was REALLY GOOD! After you have one the ocean will look more blue and you will want to stay there forever! It is my new favorite drink! I can't wait to get back down to St. Kitts and listen to the Reggae music and melt into the sand!!

    The Monkey Bar
    P.O. Box 1370
    Basseterre, St. Kitts

    See you in, on, or under the water soon!!

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M.Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, SC